The Kindread Online Recruitment Form

Welcome to the Kindread FPS Recruitment page,

The Kindread have tried a number of different styles of recruitment, open tryouts, straight recruitment and sponsorship. We've found that the sponsorship system seems to produce the best results for our clan. Whether you are a player that we have actively recruited or a player looking to join the Kindread, you must fill out the following recruitment form. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself to us and make a good first impression on the people who will decide whether or not you will be allowed to join our ranks.

When a player is accepted for sponsorship they will wear the tag |kin| at the end of your name to signify that they are a recruit to our team. They will only earn the [Kin] when they are promoted to full membership within the Kindread. Sponsorship periods vary from player to player depending on your activity level and dedication. If an Initiate becomes inactive then we will be forced to terminate their sponsorship and let them re-apply at a later date.

Kindread has a strict policy on Dual-membership. We do not recruit players who are in another competitive team, especially if that team is in any of the games we are currently active in. We have an edge over other organisations and it is because our current members commit 100% to be in Kindread. If you expect to be a part of that then be prepared to do the same.

Due to the sheer volume of applications we receive it will take a few days for us to process them. We thank you for showing interest in our FPS team and we look forward to reading what you have to say.

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered for recruitment

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