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20 Dec 99 - Hashisheen has admitted Dr. Digital to the Spec Ops. Good Work!

18 Dec 99 - Hashisheen has finished the new skins and they are available for download on the files page, go there and get it!

16 Dec 99 - I recently promoted Dr Digital to Private from private untrained and Wolven has admitted Windex into the ranks of the Black Dragoons.

16 Dec 99 - Was looking at a new voice communication program for over the internet. Claims to have better voice clarity and use less bandwidth. I will be implementing a server and testing it out and tell you guys the details. The website is here

16 Dec 99 - New Recruit Dr Digital.

12 Dec 99 - Recently got a couple of new recruits, help them out if you see them. Their callsigns are Elthore [Kin] and Monkey [Kin]

11 Dec 99 - All of the command squad have finals for university next couple weeks so we will probably not be on as much but we will be around. In two weeks when all of our finals are done, then we'll be back!

02 Dec 99 - I recently updated the roster to reflect the command structure. check it out!

10 Oct 99 - Look on the links page for a download of all of the new maps and missions for tribes all conveniently wrapped up for you.

07 Oct 99 - Mandrake wishes to make it clear that the Kindread needs more members who are willing to fall into the command structure. Any applicants will be considered and maturity should be more of a consideration then skill. Skill can be acquired, maturity cannot. Any applicants should email Mandrake [Kin] at the above address.

07 Oct 99 - Through much negotiating and comprimise Wolven has agreed on a name change to the Black Dragoons. Mandrake and Hashisheen have given their approval and the name will now stick. The original concept of the unit is the same, defence, and shortly we whould see Windex getting admitted to the Black Dragoons.

07 Oct 99 - Look on the website in the next couple of weeks for a command structure breakdown.

05 Oct 99 - Mandrake Claims first place on the shifter servers this week and singlehandedly gives the Kindread 5th place outranking even EDEN. Mandrake thinks we can do much better and all it will take is 3 hours of solid team play. Keep it in mind. Also, Mandrake has been playing a bit on the Base servers and has rediscovered how much fun it could be. It might be fun to play a little base and would take a little more teamwork.

29 Sep 99 - Mandrake has updated the base station to the newest version for Roger Wilco. V 0.27 is now running. It should be backawards compatible with the older clients but if you are having difficulty then download the latest version (v 0.49 i think).

26 Sep 99 - Hashisheen pulls into second place on the Shifter CTF servers with a whopping 30,000+ points. Way to go hash! He also single-handedly pulled up the average for The Kindread allowing us to reach 7th place overall.

20 Sep 99 - We Finally got the skins made. Many thanks to Hashisheen for putting them together. Download them here.
The Kindread Skins

20 Sep 99 - Mandrake changes the name of the Black Legion that Wolven wishes to form to the Black Guard, Something a little more appropriate. May change again, if Wolven thinks of something better.

20 Sep 99 - Eden has requested a story of our origins and I once again have put Matt on the job. Any ideas can be sent to me at Mandrake

19 Sep 99 - The Kindread symbol is out. Many thanks to Matt for the image and Fly-boy for putting it together.

5 Sep 99 - Kindread has officially become allied with -=EDEN=- and as such it shall reap the rewards. Tribe members do not have to do anything in particular other than be friendly toward the EDEN clan Members and play with them if requested to.
5 Sep 99 - Just found out that Mandrake [Kin] rated #1 on the shifter mods between 22 Aug 99 and 28 Aug 99. Quite an honor to be rated that high out of some 12,000 odd players. For this week the Kindread are rated #7 in the top 100 and EDEN has placed 4th.

30 Aug 99 - In response to the formation of the SpecOps Wolven has formed the Black Legion and is accepting recruits. Recruits will be evaluated in every aspect from speed to shear lethality before being admitted into the elite Black Legion.

30 Aug 99 - Solfire just returned from two months of intensive millitary training and is ready to kick ass! Although his new skills in the army may not translate perfectly into tribes i am confident that his new training will be an asset.

30 Aug 99 - It is official Hashashin and Mandrake have been anally fisting the Shifter servers and scoring consistently higher than the other tribes. Wolven has also got numerous comments on his base defense abilities. Though this ussually does not afford him many points he keeps himself happy with Cowboy's Swimsuit HUD.

29 Aug 99 - New section of Kindread Announced. Mandrake and Hashashin are to form the Kindread SpecOps. This group is an elite infiltration squad skilled at taking down an enemy base in less than 4 minutes.

Mandrake breaks 700 points in 45 minutes in "CST's Garden of EDEN" Server. I think the final score was 766. I would say that the high score was in part due to the chattiness of the opposing team.

28 Aug 99 - Recently -=Eden=- has asked us to join their tribe and have offered to give us autonomy within their command structure. The offer is generous and we are considering it.

26 Aug 99 - I think we have found our tirbes server type. Shifter it is.