Tribes 1 Shifter Match History

This is the match history of the Kindread. this list shows all the matches we have played and their outcome. To return to Tribes II match history click here.

Date Played Match Against Result Match Type Notes
2001-04-08  CoAx  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-21  KOA  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-19  HF|US  Defeat  OGL  Notes
2001-03-18  ASS  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-13  [Inq]  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-11  DgD  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-11  CC  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-10  SOW  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-03-07  EWF  Draw  SBA  Notes
2001-03-03  HF|RH  Victory  OGL  Notes
2001-03-01  ASS  Draw  SBA  Notes
2001-02-25  HF|T  Victory  OGL  Notes
2001-02-24  INQ  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-02-22  NBK  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-02-19  UFR  Defeat  SBA  Notes
2001-02-18  CoAx  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-02-05  SW  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-02-05  CC  Victory  Scrimmage  Notes
2001-02-03  =DD=  Victory  SBA  Notes
2001-01-27  ImMo   Victory  SBA   Notes
2001-01-24  CoAx   Victory  SBA   Notes
2001-01-21  SOW   Victory  SBA   Notes
2001-01-14  DgD   Draw  SBA   Notes
2000-12-23  DAD   Victory  SBA   Notes
2000-12-14  ASS   Victory  SBA   Notes
2000-12-09  |bunny|   Victory  SBA   Notes
2000-11-30  [213]   Victory  SBA   Notes
2000-11-26  SW   Victory  SBA   Notes
2000-11-25  =W|W=   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-11-18  UFR  Victory  OGL  Notes
2000-11-13  =DD=   Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-13  bung   Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-11  =DD=   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-11-11  AWA   Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-10  bung   Defeat  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-09  HF RH   Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-08  =DD=   Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-07  Dark Nemes  Victory  CTFNet 3 v  Notes
2000-11-06  {A}lliance  Victory  OGL   Notes
2000-11-04  [213]   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-10-28  HF|Tempest  Victory  OGL   Notes
2000-10-23  KLU   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-10-22  HF Tempest  Victory  OGL   Notes
2000-10-09  [-KI-]   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-10-02  Devil Dogs  Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-10-01  [-KI-]   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-10-01  [PSY-W]  Victory  OGL  Notes
2000-09-24  TCO   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-09-17  SOW   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-09-10  DD, UFR, S  Victory  Scrimmage   Notes
2000-09-09  FRAG   Victory  OGL   Notes
2000-09-02  Chaoz   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-09-02  Dead Bunni  Victory  TSL  Notes
2000-08-26  DD   Defeat  TSL   Notes
2000-08-25  SAC   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-08-15  NBK   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-08-14  L&L   Victory  OGL   Notes
2000-08-10  KI   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-07-09  SOW   Victory  TSL   Notes
2000-06-29  TCO   Draw  TSL   Notes
2000-06-18  UFR   Victory  Exhibition  Notes
2000-05-29  AntiClan   Victory  TheOGL 4vs  Notes
2000-05-21  EWF   Draw  Exhibition  Notes

The current stats are: 54 wins and 4 loss(es) (ratio: 93.10)