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2008-03-17 The Kindread
Anyone else notice Anetheron had a lisp? Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:08:12
We had a really slow raid week after wasting a lot of time on Tuesday, Thursday AND Sunday to our farming. The week wasn't a complete waste though because after we got Vashj and Kael out of the way we went into Hyjal for an hour of new content.

Rage was still a push over and the trash was still a really big pain in the ass to loot. I think we had a couple items rot. How goofy. In the end though after a couple of attenpts we got in our new boss kill, Anetheron.

Happy St. Patrick's day tomorrow to you all. Make sure you get in your vast amounts of green beer.

2008-03-11 The Kindread
Farewell Tier5. Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:47:46
The tale of last night is one of "getting shit done". We had a lot to do, only a little time to do it and we did a helluva job getting it done. We killed Vashj again and got our 3rd sea witch robe and finally got our first Defender hat token to drop (sheesh).

We then went to kael, and after getting rid of some dead weight *cough Morag cough*, we got to take another picture. This picture though was more than a little satisfying because we had one of those goofy flaming bird mounts drop. I hear they are a big deal so we went and took yet another picture.

After that we were bumming around and realized that we had more time until the end of the raid. So after a quick flight down to Tanaris, and a small jump back in time, we found some Rage Winterchill guy and killed him too.

Excellent killing last night everyone, it was great getting our first Tier6 kill and I look forward to many more.

2008-02-18 The Kindread
The bitch is dead Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:54:08
Normally I'd write an epic tale of our battle with Vashj but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

2008-01-21 The Kindread
The week of new boss kills Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:43:00
So, in a single week we cranked out new 5 bosses (starting with Tidewalker last Sunday). It was great work and motivated me enough to actually put up a set of screenshots. Enjoy!

Fathom-Lord Karathress
Leotheras the Blind
High Astromancer Solarian

2008-01-17 The Kindread
Even better than last week! Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:27:22
Awesome raiding tonight everyone, 2 new bosses down and the week is only two thirds done. Room for another boss kill or two on Sunday so lets get ready for some more!

2008-01-14 The Kindread
The ball is rolling! Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:32:13
Great week of raiding everyone. I was pumped to see the group coming together after knocking off the rust from the holiday break. Lets take this momentum and get running with it.

2008-01-03 The Kindread
25 man raiding Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:53:20
With the holidays coming to an end it is time to see if we are interested in hitting the 25 man content again or if we still need to find those few missing pieces to get things going again. In case your head has been in the sand, under a rock or up your own ass I would like to remind you all to please visit the raid calendar and sign up for next week's raids.

2007-12-31 The Kindread
Happy New Years! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:10:53
New Years represents a time of new beginings as well as a time to reflect on the past. For Kindread we look back on 10 years of gaming, starting from a small group of guys gaming in their basements and going to the community we have today. All I have to say is that I have had a lot of fun and I look forward to what comes next in both new games, technology and Kindread events.

The resolution to not be fat and lazy is a tough one, especially for us gamers, but go ahead and make it and see how long you can go before you break it completely ;) Have a fun night everyone and we'll see you in 2008.

2007-12-24 The Kindread
Merry Christmas Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:00:18
I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you all stuff your faces with amazing foods, wash it down with fine drinks and keep company with good people.

2007-11-20 The Kindread
Ventrilo 3.0 server upgrade Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:23:51
We will be upgrading our Ventrilo server to 3.0 tomorrow morning, be sure to get the new client if you haven't already.

2007-11-13 The Kindread
2.3 Patch goes live Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:55:08
I know a lot of people have been really excited about this 2.3 patch and hopefully the servers will be able to handle the influx of people so that we can all get on today and check out ZA and whatnot.

We'll be trying to lean on the raid calendar for organising our raids so by all means get on there and put it to use or at the very least post what bugs you have with it so that we can make another attempt at fixing that craptastic software.

2007-10-02 The Kindread
Calendar update Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:45:27
We were a bit tardy in setting up the raid calendar for this week, apologies to everyone! You can now sign up for the next week worth of raids.

2007-09-25 The Kindread
2.2 Patch today? Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:35:25
As many people have been guessing, the long awaited 2.2 patch that brings such glorious things as Ret Paladin raiding buffs and a retarded ingame voice system should be out today.

I hope everyone takes the time to update their mods, especially their required raid mods, so that they are ready to go tonight.

2007-09-13 The Kindread
New Goodies Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:54:09
Please swing by the new Raid Forum to see some new toys that we have to play with. This is especially important for those of you who like to raid but I think everyone can find a use for it (once we figure out how it works).

2007-09-07 The Kindread
The Silver Lining Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:26:11
A lot has happened in our community over the past couple months and while I know it has been very hard on a number of us I am really pleased with recent events. In fact, I am overjoyed to announce the return of some great friends who have been away from us as well as a return to WoW for some players that had departed from the game but in light of recent events have returned to partake in the fun.

Kaeden and Salinus, to the two of you welcome back to the guild. It has been a long time coming and I know from what I have seen in guild chat and in the forums that everyone is thrilled to see you both return. Eternity has also rejoined us and I am sure the guys are all awaiting the day when her computer is fixed and she is able to giggle in vent again.

Lord of Autumn, one of our fast paced killers from the FPS days has recently contacted the community and moved his character to K'T so that he could join in our gleeful killing of monsters and players alike.

Icon, Zylla and Bosgaurus have all reactivated their accounts and all that needs to be said is that they are bringing Sexah back.

Before this post gets much longer I just wanted to say that I am thrilled with what I have seen recently and I am looking forward to having fun gaming with all of you clowns.

2007-07-31 The Kindread
Drunken Revelations, although I am sober now... Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:26:37
So I was sitting at 1410, a pub near my place in Calgary that we frequent, and Casey was trying to persuade me to pick up the Warcrack again. Eventually the conversation moved away from what I didnít like about the game and I started to think about what I like about games.

I realized it wasnít the activities necessarily, although there can be a definite rush when you get a good killing streak going. It wasnít the big explosions or pretty graphics necessarily, although those are also not a drawback. What I really like is the teamwork.

When this came to me, I realized I was thinking about the times I have played Battlefield 2 over the last couple years and specifically when playing with a squad. This kind of game is getting to the point where you donít necessarily need to put together a team and compete in a competition to be fun. This was true of Tribes back in the day as well but the coordination and squad advantages that these games bestow on their players really help to get the players working together and when people who are already familiar with each others play style come together, the result can be deadly.

I thought about some of my more recent Battlefield 2 experiences with Puck and I know there were some awesome times in there. Even though Puckís mic is always broken, he and I have played enough together that I just babble useless information to fill the void and he knows exactly what to do. I can remember getting in on Dalian Plant and having the two of us going AT and camping the entrance to the Peopleís Army base.

The two of use were unstoppable, the commander wisely dropped an ammo crate for us and everything that drove down that road received a double dose of Kindread love. Helicopters, tanks, jeeps, APCs, all fell before us and we didnít even have to talk about it, we both just new exactly what to do to make it work. We must have held that position for at least 5 minutes and destroyed probably a dozen vehicles.

Itís that kind of teamwork that stands out to me as being the most fun, that working together to get the goal accomplished pushing forward that line and dominating the map. Tribes had it, Battlefield has it, I hope that Quake Wars has it.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for making those kinds of experiences possible and I hope that you are all getting the kind of excitement and happiness that I get out of those experiences every time I pick up and play with a fellow Kindread member.

2007-07-10 The Kindread
KinEvent 2007 success! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:27:29
Last night was the big wing night send off for Melantha as Bosnianchild, Nikki and Omicron all had to leave earlier and it was a good close to the weekend. I do really enjoy the years where we go out of town and play tourist in various cities but I had a blast showing people the sites around Calgary as well as a sample of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

I would like to thank all of the other locals that took the time to come out and party this weekend. I was a bit worried that our turn out was going to be really poor since a lot of people who were going to be flying into Calgary ended up having to cancel but my worries were put away when we had 20+ people show up for the BBQ on Friday.

We'll get the pictures hosted up on the gallery and start planning the 2008 event sometime after that.

2007-07-09 The Kindread
KinEvent 2007 wrap up Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:03:14
I've had a blast this weekend running around, drinking and being merry and tonight we are having our wrap up wing night to close KinEvent 2007. More info in the forums and keep your eyes open for pictures and whatnot from what we've been up to this weekend.

2007-07-03 The Kindread
KinEvent 2007 Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:39:14
As many of you are aware, this Friday marks the start of this years main Kindread get together. We have a few people coming in from out of town to partake in the Calgary Stampede and we also have a larger group of Calgary gamers who have yet to meet each other.

Friday we'll be having a backyard party. Bring money for the meat and keg as well as whatever other liqour you'll want and bring some snacks... like veggies you fat bastards.

Saturday we'll be heading down to the Stampede grounds, check out the concerts or rodeo or other such places that will have alcohol.

Sunday's plans are still up in the air. So hit the forums and get the lowdown of what we want to do.

2007-06-28 The Kindread
Tidewalker is sleeping with the fish Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:46:16
We have been getting swamped by murlocs in our Morogrim Tidewalker fight over the last couple of weeks, and yes, I want to emphasize the fact that there is a raid boss with murlocs. Last night that came to an end however as on our 'last attempt of the night' we brought another virtual monster to its knees. Between the noxious fart bubbles from Morogrim himself and the waves of murlocs it is certainly an entertaining fight.

2007-06-26 The Kindread
VR just under the wire Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:00:49
We wanted to kill Void Reaver this first week after the attunements were lifted and tonight, just before the weekly raid resets we snuck in and got our kill. Like everyone says, the fight isn't hard and it was pretty fun but make sure you don't have a bunch of guys disconnecting every try, it really makes it hard to get the kill under the enrage timer that way.

Grats everyone on the kill, lets do it again tomorrow.

2007-06-25 The Kindread
Cas Team downs Gruul! Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:11:55
We have had a very busy weekend and the results are very positive for our Casual team as they zoned into Gruul with a number of new faces and after a very frustrating 1% wipe they finished the job and earned their first Gruul Kill. Excitement was very high as they are now looking to repeat the kill on Tuesday and then begin working on Magtheridon's Lair.

Keep on top of the forums for strats, schedules and all the other business of killing virtual monsters!

2007-06-14 The Kindread
High King Down Again! Better than the first time? Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:52:03
Kindread has downed High King Maulgar! What makes this such a big deal is not the fact that the guild has killed a boss that the 'progress trackers' show we have killed already, what makes this a big deal is that it was the first raid boss kill for our second raid group. No, this was not an 'alt run'. At the same time Maulgar was dying to the Cas team we had another raid group getting a guild first Lurker kill in SSC!

I personally am very proud to be able to announce this kill as it has been my goal for months to see Kindread field two 25 man raid groups and even a short while ago people were still saying it could not be done.

Great gaming everyone!

2007-06-10 The Kindread
Hydross the Unstable pushed over Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:36:50
Great work to the raid tonight. We went into SSC without a solid idea of which boss we were going to attempt, we picked Hydross as the harder boss and in our first night of attempts we put him to shame. It was the first night of a transition of changes that will be going into our raiding structure so everyone please check into the forums regularly and start posting so that you stay up to date with the changes taking place over the next couple weeks.

We'll be back at it again after the reset on Tuesday, until then, stay sexy.

2007-05-28 The Kindread
Magtheridon, the Mag that doesn't have 2 heads and flaming drool Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:32:26
Last week we established a mission to kill Magtheridon. We set up our schedule to go into Magtheridon's Lair as often as we could. We went in and worked on Magtheridon both before and after the big 2.1 patch on Tuesday and during our major attempts on Wednesday we knew we had him dead. Last night we walked in and made short order of the kill as we slapped a collar on WoW's second Mag in the second raid lair of TBC and made him our bitch.

After Magtheridon Shiektal and I immediately got talking about a joint Serpentshrine Cavern raid between Kindread and Ūlluminati. In a short amount of time we assembled our joint raid and zoned in to SSC, ready to check out the new zone. Within minutes we were killing naga and their minions and within minutes after that we were already lost trying to sneak our way through the instance. Luckily we found a nice fishing hole and hung out there for the evening working on The Lurker Below.

Thanks much to everyone who participated in the raids last night, I had a blast and am looking forward to doing it again.

2007-05-22 The Kindread
Kindread's Remembrance Day Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:24:38
Around this time of year Mandrake, myself and several other members take a moment to talk and reflect about one of our dear friends who is no longer with us, UltraPimp. Kindread has grown a lot over the past few years and in that growth we find that it is important to share our history with our new friends and in sharing that history we remember and honour a great person. The following news re-post can be found in our archives as well as a post made in the member's forums by Dr. Digital at the time.

Kindread News: 2004-06-12 at: 13:53:47 Posted By: Wolven


On Sunday, May 23 2004 our friend, teammate and one of the first members of the Kindread passed away. There have been a number of conversations that we have had on this topic in the private areas of the Kindread website and as a group it has been very difficult for us. UltraPimp was one of our first recruits, joining our group right after his brother 2ndHndSmoke in mid 1999. Since then Pimp and Smoke have been by far the two most amazing gamers I have ever seen and while Smoke was happy to continue as a killing machine, Pimp was happy to step up and take charge in a team full of loud mouth hardcore video gamers.

In the time that followed, some very tight friendships grew as our team acquired new members. We stuck to our philosophy of recruiting family and friends of our current members because of the success that came out of the Pimp/Smoke duo and I know that it is the basis for the Kindread's survival as other teams collapse and disappear. In 2001, Mandrake and I organised KinTour, where the Calgary members piled into a van and drove down the west coast picking up UltraPimp in Seattle and going all the way down to LA visiting members of the clan along the way.

In this time I learned an important lesson. The friends we make online are just as real and valuable as the ones we meet face to face every day. Sometimes you can get even closer to your friends who are online because they are just a click away when you are already at home and you don't have to go anywhere to hang out with them.

It has taken me a while to come to terms with the loss of a very valuable friend and that is the source of why I have not posted here sooner. It was Mandrake's post that I feel sums up best how we all feel about the passing of UltraPimp, aka. Joe.

It is times like these when it is hard not to reflect on ones own life and feel like none of it matters and that life is cruel. I think the most powerful position that any of us can approach life from is that we all make a difference. I think that this message board as well as his family and his friends are proof of this and give credit to the great life and the great person that is Joe.

So if I could pass along a message to Joe, I would tell him that he made a difference to me, my life is better because of him. Thanks Joe.

We are going to continue on with our Fourth annual Kindread Gathering here in Calgary. There are two major events for us to attend: The Calgary Stampede (July 9 - 18th) and Fragapalooza (July 15th - 18th). It will be a celebration of the success of The Kindread and the impact that our friends have made on our lives.

Forum Post By: Dr. Digital

With how little I check these forums, I always find something new and interesting when I do. This time I've found something tradgic and surprising.

We all played computer games with Joe. Do you really get to know someone through computer games. The uninitiated (like my wife) would tell you "no" because they don't understand. The Kindread is a family. The men and women of the Kindread are our peers, our gang. We spend many more hours a week together in most cases than "real friends". I count my Kindread bretheren amongst my most enduring friendships.

Years ago when I first joined the Kindread I gained a respect for Joe because of his sense of fair play. He was a good sport. His honor was only surpassed on occasion by his humor. Talking with him in game in Tribes and in the forums was something to look forward to because you always knew it would be entertaining.

Through the years I learned more about Joe, as we all learned more about each other. I learned that his real name was indeed not "Pimp". I learned that he had a brother and that they had a close relationship not only in the game, but outside of it as well. It reminded me of my relationship with my own brother, growing up playing every game we could get our hands on together.

Some memories:
- Taking hard knox dueling in Shifter from Joe and his brother during my initiate time with the Kindread.
- Playing Shifter in Tribes 1 and learning to fly my heavies across the map from Joe.
- Hearing Joe's voice for the first time when we started using voice comms.
- Playing Everquest and switching servers to play with Joe because the game was just so much more fun playing with my friend.
- Playing Star Wars Galaxies and realizing with Joe that the game was a waste of our time because it wasnt going anywhere.

I will miss Joe. His humor, honor and friendship will be remembered. I will honor him in my gameplaying, because I knew he enjoyed it so much, as I do.

Joe, good travels. May you take your final journey with God's Speed. Hopefully we'll get to meet you again some day and look down on all the silly mortals and have a good laugh.

Scott Cameron
Aka Dr. Digital

In your video gaming, take a moment to savagely decimate your opponent, thoroughly beat them into submission and then drop a witty bit of smack talk such that they remember who you are and who The Kindread are. That is what UltraPimp[Kin] would do.

2007-04-16 The Kindread
Public Forum Announcement Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:38:40
I'd like to say farewell to our porn spammers, it has been a fun time seeing new and interesting ways to increase girth and keep a harder erection longer but it really just doesn't fit with the image we have here about being a video game community.

Unfortunately this restriction means that only people with website accounts are able to create new posts our public forums. Sorry to those of you who find this inconvenient, its one of the joys of having our own forum systems.

2007-03-27 The Kindread
Gruul Down! Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:07:10
A week after we down High King Maulgar we went back in, dropped a pile of DPS on Gruul the Dragonkiller and brought him to his knees. We'll be working on getting the instance down to a single clear this coming week and then get ready to start Magtheridon's Lair so start doing your reading on it!

2007-03-20 The Kindread
High King Maulgar dethroned Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:41:51
After a disappointing turnout for Gruul's over the past couple of weeks we got our raid group together during a prime time raid and got Maulgar deaded. We will be going back in next Sunday with the goal of repeating that ogre killing and moving onto Gruul himself. Check the forums for more details.

As has been repeated by a few people, its nice to get back into a larger raid once again. Thanks all.

2007-03-17 The Kindread
Happy St. Pat's Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:18:37
I hope everyone is working their way into a traditional state of drunkenness on this glorious holiday. While you are hung over tomorrow with your glass of water (or in my case more alcohol) take a moment to get into the member's forums to look at the changes quickly taking place in our raid and loot forums. Silence gets you nothing except a big helping of what other people want, so it the spirit of the irish go make some noise.

2007-02-19 The Kindread
Recruitment Applications Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:11:24
For anyone who has applied to The Kindread in the last couple of weeks I would like to inform you that the new server configuration had created an error that made some applications not go through after the submit button has been clicked. If you have not heard back from us please post on our public forums or resubmit your application as I think we have fixed that problem.

2007-02-04 The Kindread
New Website Server Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:26:57
Just so everyone is aware, the website has been moved to a new server and with the move we are trying to track down everything that has broken in transit. If you find a bug, please click the CONTACT button above and email us the error.

2007-01-15 The Kindread
TBC countdown to an end Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:24:07
As most of us are aware, the countdown to World of Warcraft's expansion, The Burning Crusade, ends tonight at midnight (eastern). For those of us who planned ahead, we will be getting our copies of the game either tonight or in the mail tomorrow. A lot of people have been waiting a long time to finally see how all of the changes to the game we have been playing for the last 2 years will impact Kindread. So top up your drinks and get ready to start the rush to 70 and beyond!

2006-12-31 The Kindread
Happy New Years Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:32:53
With another year coming to a close we get to knotch yet another year of gaming together. I always like to take this time to reflect on important things like how much I enjoy days that give me an excuse to drink with my friends... well, at least drink more than we normally do.

Have a great party everyone.

2006-12-24 The Kindread
Merry Xmas! Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:37:18
Well lock up your children cause Santa Claws comes tonight, he knows when you've been naughty and he'll launch a new bike to rip up your innards if you are not careful. Well I hope you all get what's coming to you.

Merry Christmas!

2006-12-17 The Kindread
News from ROME! Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:03:55
After a quick visit to the site a few days ago I realised that no new News had been posted. It may seem a bit odd for me to make a post while I travel and am completely disconnected from gaming but I was in a store today that was selling video games and it made me hungry to get on here and at the very least show myself.

From what I hear on the grapevine, Bliz has FUBAR'd raiding and set the scene for everyone to take a deep breath and relax. We may not all get to go to Spain, Italy, Germany and Sweden but with Xmas coming up, then New Years and all the time we should be spending doing related events, it could very well be a blessing in disguise. We knew that this was going to happen and while we did not think Blizzard would take this path the best we can do is recharge and prepare for January.

I will be back in a few weeks, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and go have a few strong drinks.

2006-11-07 The Kindread
MC fun Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:52:18
We had a very entertaining MC run last night, we implemented our new rules that were set up a couple weeks ago and I have to admit that was one of the more entertaining runs that we've had in a long time. There was just a lot of people getting on the same page and having a good, fast raid.

To top off the fun raid it was also very nice to get 2 legendary drops, the left binding dropped again and almost went to a hunter but DB ended up picking it up and our second Eye of Sulfuras dropped. After a long talk we finally established that we'd give it to a shaman, Deemer.

Thanks for the entertaining night, now lets get back to new content.

2006-10-25 The Kindread
Consider yourself Instructed. Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:14:59
In the midst of another tiff of guild drama, with people making accusations and losing faith we did what we usually do.. We killed a new boss for the first time. It is ironic that things keep working out this way and I really do hope that we have more progress like AQ40 where we kill shit without losing members as we continue to go forward with our Naxx progress.

Great work everyone on a speedy and very well deserved kill.

2006-10-01 The Kindread
The Emperors are dead, long live the Emperors. Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:46:04
With extreme dedication and fantastic fashion we put together a Sunday afternoon raid and went into AQ40 and took down the TwinEmps. As everyone points out, this is a fight where no one can make a mistake. There is no room for rambo. No one person will make the fight but anyone could break it. After we got our feet wet we had the attempt that "should have been it" and thankfully that wasn't the best attempt of the night. We regrouped got buffed up and had the call of "Everyone DPS" as the last teleport happened before the Twins would enrage. With that call even the tanks went and started executing to give us that little bit extra DPS.

Needless to say, I am yet again thrilled by our progress. Excellent job today I can't wait to see us take this momentum to Naxx.

2006-09-22 The Kindread
Twin Emps on the ropes? Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:35:23
We've had a good few days of learning on the Twin Emps. They are a hard fight and many have been stuck on them for a long time but from what I see we are already very close to getting our system in place to take them out. Unfortunately, we were unable to polish that system off last night so Naxx Sunday has been cancelled for more Twin Emp attempts.

Let's get these guys down so that we can check out C'thun and Naxx.

2006-09-13 The Kindread
Another Princess goes down on Kindread Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:51:37
Not quite as fast of a pace as our previous killing spree on the AQ40 bosses, we have finally tackled the dreaded NR block and are now on our way to Twin Emps and the optional bosses. Fantastic work by everyone who showed up tonight, we had a number of new faces and it was great to see them working so well on a new content raid.

I love hearing that song.

2006-08-29 The Kindread
We're back!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:08:58
The website has been down for the last day due to upgrades and aside from a couple sections we should be back up and running. As many of you are aware of by now, we did a bunch of house cleaning on the ingame roster and I'm matching that cleaning on the website. Inactive people have been removed to make room for others. If you are one of the unfortunate few who got 'cleaned out' but feel you can still be a part of our community, fire me an email or post on the forums and we can re-evaluate our position.

2006-08-26 The Kindread
Welcome to Kindread, we used to trust people Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:50:57
A sad end to a good BWL raid. Kindread has run our raids using free for all loot since we started raiding simply because it was the fastest way to proceed through raids with the least amount of bugs. Tonight, we were ninja looted by Dixy. I fairly quiet priest that we were trying to get into raids and start gearing up. He took the entire Nef loot which would have completed two sets of gear as well as complete some other wish lists for a few of our raiders.

The loot wasn't even the big deal, it will all drop again. It was the breach of trust that Dixy performed will mar our raiding and simply force us to no longer trust people such as him. Luckily, I believe in Karma enough that I'm sure he'll get hit by a car or something. At the very least he'll never be able to get into another guild on KT but that will never satisfy my desire for justice. It is a true shame that Blizzard refuses to take a real stance against ninja looting and yet waste so much time changing character's names if they are questionable in some imaginary way.

2006-08-24 The Kindread
Now that's more like it. Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:01:58
Apparently we just love to beat up on princesses. After the stinkshow that was our raid on Tuesday we had a hard hitting, ass kicking raid last night. We one shotted the bug trio, battleguard and Frank. We then cleared the glorious faction giving trash on the way to HUHU! and decided we had enough time to give it 'one attempt'.

In that one attempt we managed to beat HUHU down to 24%, which I think surprised everyone. We are heading back in tonight, this time with all the toys we need for the fight and we'll see if we can push our DPS up enough to kill this so called second princess of aq40.

2006-08-21 The Kindread
Thanks Frank!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:33:40
We had an extremely strange raid day yesterday. BWL spilled over to the start of the day so we formed up our raid and went in and lay the smackdown onto Nef. Then we found out that we didn't have enough healers to head into AQ40 so for some quick distractions we went to Ony instead and then took a 2 hour break. Doubts were high that we were going to get an aq40 group after the break but it turned out that we not only had a group to go in, we had the group to finish the Fankriss kill. Funny enough, we got the aggro reducing trinket and our huge aggro nubs were not putting their names in for this high demand item so we had to bitch slap a few of them into smartening up.

For those keeping score, that is two 'first kills' in a week. Now we need everyone to load up on NR for the Princess resist block because she is going down next.

2006-08-17 The Kindread
Hey Frank! You're next. Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:00:44
Tonight Battleguard Sartura put up a meagre fight at best as we walked in with a full raid of hard hitting non-drowsy raiders and pinned her shiny razor-sharp wings to the ground. She was kind enough to cough up some epics after we got all Ant-Bully on her ass and then left her lying there waiting to cuddle while we zipped up and moved onto the next batch of new content. Fankriss, already nicknamed Frank for how straight forward he looks, is going to die tomorrow if we can get the people together for a 3rd night of AQ40 in a row. Since we donít usually pull together those 3-in-a-row nights too often with our already overburdened raid schedule, be ready to kill him on Sunday at the latest.

Good work everyone, yet again.

2006-08-14 The Kindread
Battleguard within an inch of her life Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:53:32
We went in for our first real day of Battleguard attempts and even though I had been slacking and not really doing my homework to prepare for the fight we were quickly able to come up with a working strat to get Battleguard Sartura's adds dead. With a bit of tweaking we had her down to 11% before she went nova and kicked the shit out of us. It was a solid week of raiding. Good work everyone.

Tonight is Wing night for everyone in the Calgary area, times and locations are posted up in the forums and pictures of the aftermath will likely follow.

2006-08-10 The Kindread
Bug Trio Squashed! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:08:23
Last night we went into AQ40 again after slugging it out with the Bug Trio the last few raid days. We had done a bit more homework and had a couple new ideas to try out so we could keep Princess under control. As we were tweaking our game plan and arguing back and forth after each beating recieved by these three annoying bugs, we got all set up for our last attempt of the night only to find out that we had actually fine tuned our strat enough that we just killed them. No soul stones, no battle resses we just pulled out a can of whoop ass and walked away with some loot.

Good work everyone on pulling together for the very fast 'first kill'. Next stop Battleguard Sartura.

2006-07-10 The Kindread
Second time sweeter than the first Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:53:32
We walked into BWL again this week but we got slapped around by the holidays leaving us short handed for BWL. This screwed around with our schedule but the end result is that we still managed to defeat Nef this week to keep our killing streak alive. What made it so sweet was that we had the hardest colour combo of Red/Blue and we managed to adjust, get through it and get the kill. Amazing work by everyone who stuck through it. It only gets better from here!

Read the forums for more about where we hope to go with our raid schedule.

2006-06-29 The Kindread
Nefarian is Dead! Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:13:57
After far too long we have brought BWL to its knees. We've had a long road filled with people coming and going, drama and worse yet server failures. Through all that we stuck to the principles that makes Kindread what it is and I have to say that we may not be the most hardcore group out there but we are the longest standing, classiest and best looking group I've ever seen in online gaming. When things get hard we banded together better than ever to succeed in a glorious way.

Thank you all for the effort put into bringing us to this point and I look forward to where we go next.

2006-06-17 The Kindread
The Second Coming Posted By: Mandrake
at: 18:23:08
Well here we are a little later in the week and here are a couple of my favourite pics from the trip:

2006-06-15 The Kindread
Kindread Event 2006 Posted By: Mandrake
at: 10:47:10
Well the Kindread event is well under way and the different events are coming along. The barnyard challange is already begining with 6 was a true testement to our old Shifter days and was a nostalgic rekindling of the Kindread spirit.

Round 2 commenced with Fatbaby making eyes at Wolven. Picture to be found.

But Mandrake, in retaliation for the previous nights fondling attemps in his sleep managed to show up Wolven, Bill Clinton Style. Mandrake was later heard to say "Spoon me and I'll poke you , bitch."

But California is a riot and I will post more shinanigans as they happen.

2006-06-11 The Kindread
Recruitment Open again! Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:01:03
The Kindread WoW Guild is openning up Recruitment again for most classes. We ask that anyone who puts in an application try to follow up with one of our officers in game as we have a lot of applicants to get to.

For more information, visit the forums or ask someone ingame.

2006-06-08 The Kindread
Kindread Swag Posted By: Mandrake
at: 17:22:57
Well I know that you have all been eagerly anticipating this and the time to purchase Kindread Swag has now arrived. The Kindread Store has everything you need to represent your peeps to those online clowns and closet gamers alike. So head over to the store, purchase some swag and wear it with pride, because, god damn it, we're worth it.

Special note to all of those people who I will be seeing on the trip next week, you don't need to worry about paying here, I will collect when I see you and deliver the shirts to you personally and as an added bonus, I wave the included shipping and handling fees! For the rest of you clowns, shipping and handling is already included in the price so what you see is what you pay.

Check it out!
The Kindread Store - Swag and more!

2006-05-12 The Kindread
Mother's Day Weekend Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:35:02
With Mother's day coming up this sunday, we want to try to get our raiding out of the way on Friday/Saturday. With that in mind, we'll try to do a quick BWL raid Friday night to kill chrom and then leave Saturday for MC. That way all those people who have to take out their moms or wives can do so without getting into trouble for wanting to get back home to raid.

On a side note, I'd like to send a big Grats out to Tigle for finishing his Thunderfury. That's the 4th set for the guild which I think is the most any guild on the server has.

2006-04-07 The Kindread
Server Back Up Posted By: Mandrake
at: 12:04:10
I have the server back up and running, there was a problem with the power supply so I have replaced that. We will see if that was the problem plaguing the server and causing all of these unexpected outages. Unfortunately I have no way to tell if this was the problem as I have no way to recreate the error other than wait and see.

2006-04-06 The Kindread
Server Outage Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:14:13
I am planning on taking down the server for some maintenance on Friday morning and it should be back up by the end of the day.

2006-04-05 The Kindread
W.O.L.V.E.N. Data retrieval and re-entry Posted By: Mandrake
at: 15:07:38
It appears that all systems are once again fully operational, and although we have not recieved that personality upgrade that I sent away for, at least we have an operation database again. Special mention to DotKooler and Stul who managed to fill in all the blanks for the raids between the MPS (Magnetic Pole Swap) and now.

2006-04-01 The Kindread
Magnetic Pole Swap Causes W.O.L.V.E.N. memory loss Posted By: Mandrake
at: 09:01:05
The swapping of the magnetic poles today has reaked havoc throughout the internet and indeed, our own fearless leader, the W.O.L.V.E.N. Bot has not survived unscathed.

In other news a nefarious super-villain has seized control of the points system in an effort to rob you of all the epics you could ever want. This nefarious huxter, who terms himself Mandrake, will stop at nothing to equip his inactive priest character with Thunderfury Bindings, or whatever l337 loot it is that you want today, regardless of your class.

Authorities are stymied by the perpetrators computational abilities but are diligently working to apprehend the culprit. Anyone with news as to the whereabouts of this individual are asked to post on the forums.

2006-03-31 The Kindread
Benifiting from Timer Bugs Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:00:15
So tonight we logged in hoping to go to BWL and kick some ass, build on the progress from last week's Chrom kill and dig into our momentium. We went into a retardedly laggy event where Stul couldn't even get the pet bar up to control Raz. So, being the useful hunter I am, I stepped in with my working pet bar and we finished the kill. Moving onto Vael, the lag was so bad that we had to follow suit as many of the other guilds did and pull out of BWL. We were tossing up between going to AQ40 and MC and with the bugged reset timers saying MC would reset tomorrow at 9am, we opted to go with that so we could clear MC again on saturday and not lose out too much by not getting our BWL in this week.

We set a record pace for MC, killing everything faster than we ever had before and we managed to clear the whole zone after a very late start. Low and behold, in the secret loot vault of Rag's corpse was our guild's 4th Legendary item drop (7th if you count each Tfury binding seperately).

With that, Congratulations Abrine on your new smashy hammer and your new DPS spec.

2006-03-29 The Kindread
Patch day problems Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:25:38
With the 1.10 patch came a day of non-raiding due to complete server outages. This means that we are going to have to try to find a way to either start BWL Wednesday evening (instead of going to the planned AQ40) or try to push through as much BWL as we can on Thursday night to leave us open for some Nef attempts on Sunday.

Without notice, I do not expect a miracle and I do not want to disrupt people's raid expectations but I also do not want to miss out on a chance to kill chrom again and take another look at Nef.

So, be patient and lets have fun this week.

2006-03-28 The Kindread
Chromaggus dead Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:01:23
I am proud to announce the death of Chromaggus at the hands of Kindread. It seems like after Firemaw we have picked up the pace of killing and our learning curve in general for these line of sight fights. Amazing work everyone, it was a thrill to get to be a part of that fight.

2006-03-09 The Kindread
A good day at it Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:31:23
Today we had a great day of raiding with our ol' BF42 buddies Violent Sin. We killed a couple world dragons and then kicked it down to Silithus to forge Barack's Thunderfury. I'd like to throw in a big Thanks to VS for loaning us 3 Elementium Ore so we could get the sword made tonight.

Other things to note is that the Server Transfer that everyone has been calling for finally came, with no warning and no accommodations to move our 450 character roster we have decided that it is unreasonable for us to transfer.

2006-02-28 The Kindread
3rd Thunderfury Bindings Set Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:00:03
I would like to make a quick post to say Grats to Barack on his complete Thunderfury Bindings. I am looking forward to helping you finish off that sword :)

The guild bank is taking donations for arcanite and transmutes as you guys can find them.

2006-02-17 The Kindread
Teh Nub Raid Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:22:07
We had an impressive start to BWL this week. We were plagued by one smooth move after another. First a hunter looted wrath off of raz, then we had a guy lag into vael's room and let all the technicians run away. On vael a shaman hit his hearthstone thinking it was his water and left BWL just as we were about to pull Vael. This was followed promptly to a warrior hitting his charge button instead of his reply button and rushing vael.

After all that, we still killed Broodlord and are set up for Firemaw over the weekend. Good work on the entertaining run.

2006-02-16 The Kindread
Forward Progress Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:37:16
There has been a number of "hardcore raiders" who turned out to be more like "hardcore crybabies" as of late. They were intimidated by the idea of fighting new content instead of have others feed it to them. It seems to be a trend in MMO's that the weak will continue to display and really, we have shown we are better off without them as we then went and one shotted Broodlord in a nearly flawless attempt. One of the only casualties is the one you would expect from most movies, the black man.

We are now onto Firemaw and in our first day on him we are already showing the ability to take him out which means we will be onto Chromaggus in no time.

Thanks Kindread.

2006-02-01 The Kindread
Grats Kindread Posted By: Wolven
at: 06:16:12
I am late in writing this news post as I have been busy with work and, well, news posts are easy to forget to make. Since our last post we have been working away at Broodlord amongst laggy server nights where it is impossible to keep connected to the server much less kill new bosses but we have still managed to progress and are on the verge of roaring through the rest of BWL.

Speaking of roaring, I am pleased to announce that Kindread created our First Thunderfury from our second set of bindings. Battleroarer was the lucky bastard to get the sword and hopefully not the last. Last night we had another binding drop and while it was ninja'd I have faith that we will be able to get the item back to its rightful owner.

As they say, "cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war".

2006-01-09 The Kindread
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, dead at last Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:20:12
We have been working on Vael for a long time, with many raids spent learning the encounter, wiping repeatedly and figuring out how to finally kill the dragon. Today we walked in and with our experience and determination and we put Vaelastrasz the Corrupt out of his misery (as well as ours). With our victory ringing throughout Ventrilo, we ressed back up and reaped our rewards: Dragonstalker and Stormrage belts and a Mind Quickening Gem going to myself, Neavo and Morag respectively.

Afterwards we plowed through the trash to get to the Broodlord and took a couple swings at him. We all have seen that we can take this boss down once we get our positioning right to reduce adds :)

Grats everyone on this hard earned victory.

2006-01-02 The Kindread
Happy New Years! Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:30:00
We had a killer New Years raid in MC as BOTH Bindings dropped in a single raid. Battleroarer happens to be the lucky bastard who is now on his way to making his Legendary sword and is preparing to change his role from a DPS monster to a DPS monster tank. Congrats bud.

As the Holidays are coming to a close we will see our raid schedule settle back into a more normal layout that people can plan around. As always, keep up the fun and enjoy the start of Kindread's 9th year in service.

2005-12-19 The Kindread
Winter Cleaning Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:08:13
It has come to my attention that we have a lot of our WoW roster that has now been offline for months, from Trucidation who has been gone now for 9 months down to Mandrake who logged off 3 months ago. In an effort to make room for new people I will be removing a large portion of those who are no longer gaming. If you find yourself reactivating your account feel free to contact me to reaquire your spot in the guild.

2005-11-06 The Kindread
R.I.P. Razorgore Posted By: Wolven
at: 05:05:23
I had a good day yesterday. I got up and ran some errands, got myself some new shoes and a few shirts for work. I got my car washed before was too cold for carwashing to be a reasonable thing to do. I went to work and put in a kick ass night where I made a bunch of money and hung out with some awesome people.

What's more, between those things I plugged into my computer and joined up with my guild for a fight that has been standing in our way for a very long time. It was a fight that caused some of our more greedy former members to find greener pastures, a fight that had many of our vets wondering if we should hang up our weapons and move onto other games but most of all it was a fight that I knew we could beat and it was a fight that we won.

In true Kindread fashion, we showed up, we survived and we put the other futhermocker in the ground. It was the first step to rolling Blackwings Lair and now that we have taken that step I honestly believe that nothing can stand in our way from doing what we want to do with this game.

Congratulations to you Kindread and thanks for the good day.

2005-10-26 The Kindread
R.I.P. Ragnaros, again Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:37:54
Last night was a kick ass raid night, we walked into MC again, just 4 days after our last Rag kill and slaughtered Domo, set up and destroyed Rag and walked away with a couple daggers for pajama and a whole shit load of druid gear. In case that wasn't enough, we proceeded to Onyxia and put her out of her misery. Pajama was unleashing hell with his new toys when I called a stop damage at 5% life so we could ensure our new warrior Faelix could get his Quel'Serrar made. Just to top off the weapons, Deathhoof also got his black sinew to match up with his leaf and Icon got his EoD to go with his EoS.

Look for us to make some BWL attempts on Thursday and Saturday and some ZG progress tonight and Friday since there is nothing else for us to kill until Sunday.

2005-10-22 The Kindread
R.I.P. Ragnaros Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:44:07
After much effort to rebuild the guild and get ourselves to the point where we can take down the elusive final boss of MC we finally got prepared to put a solid saturday into bringing rag down. I am pleased to report that we not only took rag down but we took him down on our first attempt!

I would like to congratulate Gren, Ish, Abrine and Cris on their loot and the entire guild on all the work they put into making this finally come to be. Hearing your celebration in Ventrilo along with our boss kill theme song once again is by far the best reward I could ask for.

Now lets get ready to do it again. ;)

2005-10-20 The Kindread
Wolven's email is unbroke Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:04:04
Somehow our DNS had stopped sending messages out to other addresses, a rather annoying thing for me because it brought both my emails to a standstill. Yesterday Gamentine realised the problem, brought it to Mandrake's attention and now my inbox is suddenly full of unanswered mail. I'll try to get through it between today and tomorrow.

2005-10-17 The Kindread
Wolven's email is broke Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:59:34
My email address apparently hasn't been working in a week so all those people that I have been trying to get a hold of, please use my gmail account to reply to me. Sorry for the mix up.

2005-10-12 The Kindread
Recruitment Form Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:50:29
Our recruitment form is back up and running, the only problems we are having is sending mail to hotmail or yahoo email addresses but we are currently testing a fix for that as well.

I would like to ask all new recruits submit their applications over the form instead of posting it in the forums, if nothing else it keeps your personal info private. Feel free to use our forums to check on the status of your application and to get to know some of the personalities in Kindread. I will be removing all the current applications from our public forum to protect your info and hide your emails from those nasty data miners that try to collect emails for spam.

2005-10-04 The Kindread
Mandrake Gets Married - Oct. 01, 2005 Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:58:58
Last Saturday was a momentous day in the halls of Kindread. Mandrake and his ever understanding and loveable Sheduck tied the knot in a ceremony I would call fitting. It didnít last too long but also was not short or rushed, there were a few mistakes but they were all met with laughs and warmth and there were some rowdy drunks but that was just me and Mandrakeís other friends celebrating their marriage. It only took me a few days to finally sober up enough to make this post. Looking back on the day, I can say that I was simply overjoyed at how happy everyone was and I am sure the newlyweds are having a great time on the honeymoon.

See ya in a week buddy.

2005-08-29 The Kindread
New Members and your accounts Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:07:42
I just wanted to mention to everyone that I am still trying to get the recruitment application working. We are just stuck on a minor problem with the email function but after that it should be good to go.

I would like to point out that for those of you who have been able to get an application in via the Online form, I may have tried to send you your account info already but both Hotmail and Yahoo block our emails. I recommend hotmail and yahoo users get new accounts or provide alternate email addresses that won't block the password retrival script.

Return from PAX Posted By: Mandrake
at: 12:24:17
Well we skipped the last day because we had a long drive back to town here after PAX (15 hours with lunch/pee/gas/dinner breaks). But Windex and I made it home late last night and I thought I would post the final sets of pictures from the event.

I would have to say that my overall impression of PAX was positive, though it was not quite what I expected. There was a fair amount of exhibitors and I knew that there would be some tabletop gaming going on, but I expected more people playing games like monopoly and scrabble and the like in addition to those guys playing Warhammer and what not.

Comparing this to the event attended earlier in the month (Quakecon) the BYOC was definitely not as big and the event itself did not last as long. There weren't all the big PC Hardware manufacturers there either as this was a gaming convention of all kinds and did not necessarily contribute directly to that market.

I guess the biggest disappointment for me coming out of Quakecon was the size of the BYOC at PAX. I was hoping to come down to see about 2000 people playing computer games but when I got there we were only at about the 200 mark. Now this is better than a LAN I could host out of my apartment but if you were travelling 15 hours just for the LAN I would say it is not worth it. Fragapalooza is a lot closer to home and bigger, in terms of computer gaming.

So the final verdict is that PAX is a good overall gaming convention if you are into all aspects of gaming, board, tabletop, console and PC gaming, but it is not a LAN you need to bring your computer to to have a good time. Go on the Saturday, check out the exhibits and have a good time.

2005-08-27 The Kindread
PAX Day 2 (Saturday) Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:12:45
Well this is the big day when all of the exhibits are open and the Omeganaughts are competing in the majority of the tournements. There will be some additional pictures a little later in the day.

There has been some good BF2 action here but I am a little upset that Counter-Strike persists in this world. I take some consolation in the fact that at least it is CS: Source and not that old hack job of a game.

I also think I saw Brooeklyn from the Frag Dolls (though I did not talk to her, but I thought it was worth mentioning for Fah-q_2's sake).

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