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2004-02-06 The Kindread
CAL Bye Week Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 11:23:54
CAL DC League is taking Feb 9th off. Next CAL DC League match will be on Feb 16th on Tobruk.

Forfeit Win Awarded Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:36:05
We were awarded a forfeit win from our CAL match last Monday. This is actually secondary to the waves we have caused in the DC community. Both the CAL and TWL forums erupted in debates about the use of exploits and whether or not certian things are legal in match play. It seems the end result is that more clans are now aware of exploits and they are aware that exploits should be submitted to admins for review. Hopefully this awareness will deter any teams that have thought about taking advantage of any exploits and that the Devs will take action to squash the bugs and remove the ability to exploit them.

2004-02-05 The Kindread
TWL Ladder Challenge Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 00:56:46
We got challenged by RAV on the TWL Ladder, more details when we get them.

Update: Maps are changed up! Bocage, Desert Shield, Battle of 73 Easting.

Match Date: Tuesday, February 10 10:00 PM EST.

2004-02-03 The Kindread
SiN Tuesday! Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 10:49:52
Tonite we face off with SiN on the TWL Ladder!

2004-02-01 The Kindread
Monday Nite Cal DC League Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 22:11:11
Tomorrow nite we have a match versus Violent Sin Dirty Dozen at 9.30 PM EST on 73 Eastings. Show up and kick ass!

2004-01-28 The Kindread
TWL Ladder Challenge Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 21:40:52
We got challenged by Team SiN.
Maps: Bocage, El Alamein, Basrah Nights
Match Date: Tuesday, February 3 10:00 PM EST

2004-01-26 The Kindread
TWL DC League Bye Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 10:38:31
The TWL is taking Superbowl Sunday off, so we wont be doing Inshallah Valley until the Feb 8th.

Good job on Desert Shield last nite. Broke our losing streak on that map finally. Tonite looks like a go for the CAL League.

2004-01-25 The Kindread
Matches Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 13:00:13
Tonite we have a match versus FRAG! Its been delayed 30 mins to 10.00 PM EST. We are doing the whole thing on their server.

Monday CAL DC League.

Tues FMJ!!!!

2004-01-20 The Kindread
FMJ Update Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 00:31:15
FMJ chose Tuesday Jan 27 for the match date, so clean the weapons and get ready for a good fight!

2004-01-19 The Kindread
TWL DC Ladder challenge Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 11:19:24
Full Metal Jacket (7/2) challenged us on the TWL Ladder. Working on the dates right now. I'll post more when I know more.

2004-01-16 The Kindread
CAL GoG Match Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 10:43:01
Our CAL GoG match has been bumped up by a half an hour to 9:00 PM EST on Monday. They might show up as early as 8.30 PM EST and if we all have full rosters, expect the match to start early. Also the whole match is going to be done on our server.

Moral of the story is be nice to them if they start showing up on the server early.

2004-01-15 The Kindread
Upcoming matches. Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 17:04:49
We have a match vs TFS tonite on the TWL Ladder! This sunday we are facing off with Beef. Monday we are battling GoG. Sign up on the lineup manager and check the forums for details.

2004-01-07 The Kindread
League Matches for next week. Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 22:02:44
We play Forgotten OutlawZ on the TWL Desert Combat League Sunday on Kharkov.

Monday we play Anti Personel Squad on the CAL Desert Combat League Monday on Lost Village.

We challenged TFS for rung 3 on the TWL DC Ladder Thursday Jan 15. Maps are: Battle of the Bulge, Battle of 73 Easting, Lost Village.

2004-01-05 The Kindread
KaOTiKa is back online Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:38:57
ZaarKahn has saved the day once again and brought Kaotika back online for our competitive needs. The machine is down a processor but will still be able to handle matches. ZK has plans to fix this problem down the road but for now we are just happy that he has given us our most valued tool, a place to practice.

Matches will require BFSecure Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:03:16
That about sums it up, here is a link to the client download. Get it installed ASAP. As things stand right now, CAL will require it soon and TWL has confirmed that it will be needed by Saturday.

2004-01-04 The Kindread
That is how a match should be played Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:58:09
We played a hard match against uT, one of the top clans from our last seasons in BF42 and a top team in DC. We took them to overtime in our league match but we weren't able to clamp down and defeat them. It was a very close match though and given another shot at it, I think we could have pulled out another trick or two.

No time to dwell though, we have a CAL match tomorrow as well as our ladder match on Wednesday!

2004-01-03 The Kindread
fremp Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 18:34:52
Just got back from a 2 week vacation to hear about Joe, EOS, and 0.6f.

First and foremost, the whole clan is with you Joe. Peace, strength, and prayer is with you.

EOS, smacktards.

0.6f, just finished dl'ing it.

Oh and in case you didnt notice, we've got a busy week with uT on Lost Village Sunday (TWL League), RG on Gazaka Monday (CAL League), and to top it off a nice dirty face-off with EMF on Weds (TWL Ladder).

Keeping it flowing...

2003-12-31 The Kindread
Flaming like its Tribes ONE! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:46:15
This is page one of a now 3 page rant. The rant has been highjacked by E&S heroes Chappy and Buzzed. Feel free to take your shots in the first Rant thread embraced by the Kindread.

Happy New Years! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:46:04
I would like to take this moment to kick the kid wearing the 2003 sash and wave buh-bye to him. Perhaps this kid was playing for the E&S clan, in which case Puck already kicked him for us. I gotta say, I totally missed that thread until Buzzed came into our rant thread for our upcoming match with EMF. I haven't laughed that hard since the last retarded E&S thread was locked on the TWL forums.

I think the most funny thing in there is that Chappy was really really reaching for something to hold onto as Puck continued to verbally bitch slap him. Unfortantely for Chappy, the best he could grab onto was the Screenshot rule.

All in all, I think this time in Desert Combat has been a great time for us, so much of it feels like our original T1 Shifter days. From the fast paced mod to the smacktalking n00bs who are trying to claim we cheat. I think 2004 and Desert Combat are going to make for a good combination.

Drink heavily but responsibly and don't drink and drive (unless it is in a video game).

2003-12-29 The Kindread
In related news Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:35:57
It turns out E&S was actually disputing the match on the grounds that they figured we had to have been using the fog hack and some other crap to get the kills we did. I found this to be extremely disappointing since the obvious answer was not that we have been cheating (our winning record would be a lot better if we were) but that they played a terrible match.

I can't imagine what would have happened had we played Basrah's Edge, a map that has been good to us and that E&S has apparently never played in a match before. We probably would have beaten them so bad that they would have exploded in rage. As it is, E&S did end up losing rungs for wasting our time and the time of the admins with their false dispute and they threw their temper tantrum here.

Another drawn out victory Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:29:55
So we beat the pants off of E&S tonight, it was a fairly easy match aside from getting started. E&S has disputed the match for some reason which they will try to keep secret. I have since sent a large email to the admins with the hopes of getting this resolved quickly so we can challenge up the ladder instead of having to wait to be challenged.

Good work everyone on the asswhooping! Here are the scores:
Kin vs E&S

2003-12-23 The Kindread
Happy Holidays Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:42:18
Everything will be slowing to a halt with the coming of Christmas. I hope everyone has a great holiday and we will see you all at match time on the 28th.

TWL Ladder Match this Sunday 12-28 Posted By: ODIN
at: 13:33:35
We have a TWL Ladder Match against Enemy Of The State The South Gate Killers this Sunday on Operation Battleaxe, Lost Village, Kharkov. Check out the forums for strats and sign up on the lineup manager!

2003-12-18 The Kindread
TWL Ladder Match this Sunday 12-21 Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 22:28:03
We have a TWL Ladder Match against RAV this Sunday on Stalingrad. Check out the forums for strats and sign up on the lineup manager.

2003-12-15 The Kindread
Matches in and Matches out Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:21:56
We were challenged on the ladder last night and our choices were limited as to when we could get a match in before Xmas. Thursday the 18th is the day we agreed to (at 9:30pm ET). Since we have already won our CAL League match tonight due to a forfeit by the other team, we can now focus on our next matches.

Even though it has not been scheduled yet, we will have our second TWL League preseason match this Sunday before the Xmas break.

2003-12-14 The Kindread
Saddam's Capture, an end to DC? Posted By: M4ndr4k3
at: 09:46:45
So it appears that Saddam has been caught outside Tikrit in Iraq. Could this spell the end of the DC genre. People now will say, what's the point of playing DC if there is not the slight chance that I will get to catch Saddam?

Don't lie I know that is what you were all looking for in the mod, Saddam.

Well don't worry, there are still suicide bombers and not to mention that Osama Bin Ladin guy could be anywhere. There will still be plenty of houses to clear out and Iraqi opposition forces.

Here is a link to the news article:

2003-12-12 The Kindread
Cal DC League Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 15:28:40
We have a match Monday nite (Dec 15) against AAGN. Check the forum for strats and sign up on the lineup manager.

2003-12-10 The Kindread
Sunday Double Header! Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 10:37:52
This sunday we are going to back to back matches! Our TWL League Match versus KGB @ 9.30 PM EST followed by our TWL Ladder Match versus WKA @ 11.00 PM EST! Signup on the lineup manager now and check the forums for our strats!

2003-12-09 The Kindread
Victory! Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:42:58
We won our DC ladder match tonight. This turned out to be one of our shorter matches since it didn't go to a third round and over the 2 hour mark. We are still signed up for both the CAL and TWL leagues as well as the TWL ladder. We need to figure out which one(s) we are going to drop and right now it is looking like the TWL league might be the one to take the hit.

2003-12-05 The Kindread
Barnyard Fun Posted By: UltraPimp
at: 19:00:34
That looks similar to what we do to our new recruits. Only the new recruits don't tip over like that cart does.

Iraqi Feyadeen Ammo Truck. Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 15:48:59
Too much C4?

2003-12-03 The Kindread
B33F match Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 20:01:58
Our B33F match is going to be on Monday the 8th. Sign up now!

2003-12-02 The Kindread
Man Beef? Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 00:17:19
Battle Eagle Elite Forces challenged us on the TWL ladder. Stay tuned for more details as they are revealed.

2003-11-28 The Kindread
Metal Marines on Sunday, Nov 30. Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 21:06:45
Our next DC match is going to be this Sunday, sign up and read up on our strats.

2003-11-27 The Kindread
TWL DC Ladder rung 6! Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 00:50:28
We just challenged Metal Marines at rung 6 on the ladder. Up up up!

2003-11-21 The Kindread
DC Match vs 420 Tues Nov 25 Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 15:56:55
Our next DC match is going to be next week versus 420. Signup in the lineup manager and check the forums for the strats!

2003-11-20 The Kindread
Links Extras Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:41:56
I just realised that nowhere on this site was a link to either of our Kindread Desktop Backgrounds. Both are very artfully made by our own XeRo. Desktop 1 has been on my computer for years now and the best way to describe it is "thought provoking"

DC Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:33:26
We are now signed up for both the CAL and TWL DC leagues. As it stands right now it looks like TWL will be on Sunday and CAL will be on Monday. This will be a change from our normal Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday rotation but if we get our scrims on Thursday things will seem almost normal.

Head over to the TWL and CAL sites and sign up for the teams.

2003-11-14 The Kindread
Victory! Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:10:33
Yesterday was a big day for our DC squad. We won our first match and I successfully got our server running DC. It is set up for pub play when we aren't in it practicing or playing matches.

The server info is HomeLAN KaOTiKa[Kin]

DC Match vs WKA Weds Nov 19 Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 11:29:31
We are attacking WKA on the TWL DC Ladder onWednesday, November 19 10:30 PM EST. Sign up for the roster and check the forums for strats and details.

2003-11-11 The Kindread
DC Match on Thursday (the 13th) Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 13:32:22
Our next DC match is all setup for Thursday, we are attacking the Northern Special Forces. Maps are going to be Kharkov, Operation Battleaxe, and Gazala. Sign up in the lineup manager and read the strats on our forum.

2003-11-08 The Kindread
More DC Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 12:36:40
Ok - the WF match was a letdown. But luckily rung 11 opened up right after that. So now we are back on the attack again!

2003-11-03 The Kindread
TWL DC Challenge Posted By: 6 of 9
at: 12:26:21
We just Challenged the White Falcons on the TWL DC Ladder. Check the members area for details.

2003-11-01 The Kindread
Kaotika News! Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:03:15
ZaarKahn has just reported in that the server is back online and both processors are working! He has been doing an amazing job getting our server back online and while it was down Quikfix has been great about letting us use the Hillhse servers!

Look out for us to change around our servers, we'll get Hillhse going as our primary Savage server from what I'm told and Kaotika can get converted over to DC as well as possibly hosting our Savage match/practice server.

Thanks again.

2003-10-22 The Kindread
MVP Shout out Posted By: M4ndr4k3
at: 11:01:50
The All Star match went down yesterday and it sounded like Lazerd, Jundicator and Necrochoad had a great time in a very intense match. I would like to specifically congratulate both Jundicator and Necrochoad for receiving special mention in the post game chat as Gatsuís picks for Most Valuable Player in the game on the National Team. Great work guys!

2003-10-13 The Kindread
doh, forgot the News Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:58:08
Ok, well I've had a pretty crazy weekend with my unfortunate trip to Seattle. Things were as good as can be expected after spending 26+ hours in a car within a 3 day period.

We should have a scrim tomorrow with FRAG depending on our turnout. Also, there is an update on the status of the Season 4 maplist, I honestly am still disappointed with it since it looks identical to the previous seasons. Savage and DC are looking better and better.

Next Tuesday will be the TWL allstar game. From my last tally the team is sending the following three guys, in order of who got the most votes: Lazerd, Jundicator and NecroChoad. Since I'm writing the news I'll give myself honourable mention as being 4th place. Thanks to everyone who voted.

2003-10-06 The Kindread
Scrim Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:28:07
FRAG has asked us to help them prep for their playoffs. They would like to scrim us tomorrow (Tuesday) in our regular scrim time. I have posted a lineup and if we get enough players then we'll do it. I'd like to play just cuz these playoff maps are my fav maps: Kharkov, BotB and Bocage.

Hit the lineup manager so I can reply to FRAG.

2003-10-01 The Kindread
Match is on for Tomorrow! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:34:26
That's right everyone, I guessed WRONG. We actually do have our first round match tomorrow vs FRAG on Santa Croce. This means we WILL be trying to practice tonight to prepare for the game tomorrow.

2003-09-30 The Kindread
Practice Cancelled Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:05:53
With the loss of our server and low signups I'm cancelling practice. Everyone needs to try to get some play time on their own and we'll hopefully make this up tomorrow.

Keep an eye on the TWL. Our match hasn't been set yet and I doubt we'll be playing this week.

Ventrilo Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:30:34
It seems Kaotika is offline again. Check the Member's News for the IP Address to our backup server.

2003-09-28 The Kindread
CAL Season is over Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:02:57
It was a hard fought Sunday night for us and we took it right down to the wire but luck was not in our corner as we were knocked out of the playoffs. I would like to say that I am very proud of how well we have been doing in our Sunday matches considering we tend to have 2-4 less guys show up than we do on Thursdays.

We can now focus on our playoff run in the TWL. I haven't heard from the admins whether the first round will be this Thursday or next but either way we'll be prepared.

Also, FatBaby has requested that we start getting a team together for Savage and I agree. If you don't have it yet, feel free to ask the guys that do have it how it plays. As the BF1942 season winds down we will most likely join the Savage 10v10 ladder. More info will be in the forums.

TWL Playoffs Seeds. Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:02:49
A rather surprising turn of events has occured on the TWL standings. I was sure that we were going to be locked into 4th place in our conference but then it turns out that we have had more Rounds Won than AF and thus our tiebreaker pushed us up into 3rd. This means that instead of playing L|p in the first round we will be facing a hungry FRAG team. We've scrimmed FRAG a number of times to prepare for other matches and these guys are smart so we'll have to stay sharp if we plan to beat them.

2003-09-22 The Kindread
Damn I like that map Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:03:53
Well, Iwo Jima week is over and we blew out both of the teams we played against. It was really too bad we did not get a chance to play better teams this week because I think it would have given us a chance to shine.

As it is we are locked into the playoffs for TWL and we still have a fighting chance in CAL. This next week will be make-it or break-it time for us as we are sitting in a tie for the bottom playoff spots. Even though it is not official this is the standings as I figured it out post week 7:

1) Warsaw - 14 (14/1)
2) Xtreme Syndicate - 12 (13/3)
3) Aggressive Faction - 10 (10/5)
3) Team Bawls - 10 (10/5)
3) 9th Ranger Platoon - 10 (9/6)
6) The Dissidents - 8 (10/7)
6) Kindread - 8 (8/7)
6) Clan Ubiquity - 8 (8/8)
6) SECON - 8 (8/8)
6) LETHAL - 8 (8/8)

11) SOW - 6 (8/8)
11) WDT - 6 (8/10)
11) FB - 6 (6/2)

GGs to SOW this season. I was really bummed to see they drew Warsaw this week, it totally knocked them out of the race.

2003-09-19 The Kindread
Iwo Jima does us good Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:44:14
Well, it was a good match for us tonight on TWL Thursday. We came out hard and earned our victory against 1Cav to keep us in second place in our division and 4th place in the conference. I'd like to thank all 16 of the guys that came out tonight. Our improved roster numbers has been a huge boost to me as team organiser and I'm sure it is helping some of our guys feel better about not being able to play with us (gl UltraPimp in getting your system fixed, we're missing you in the field).

Lets roll this week into another win on Sunday to keep our CAL playoff run alive!

2003-09-13 The Kindread
TWL Match Results Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:12:19
Due to the TWL trying to delay their matches for a week, we now can't report our match results until they set the match dates back to being *this* week. The scores from our Wake match vs |D| are:

Round 1 (Allies): 0-49
Round 2 (Axis): 186-0
Round 3 (Axis): 87-0 (not sure on that score)

The end result is a win for our team and we have moved up to 4-2 on the TWL. We are looking to pull out the same game for Sunday!

2003-09-09 The Kindread
Scrim is a go Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:51:45
Everything is in order, SOW is going to scrim us tonight. Hopefully we will work out our strats so we can be ready for our two matches and SOW can pick up some pointers and smack down |CO| on Sunday!

NecroChoad will be running the show with Mandrake, ODIN and Puck helping maintain control of the mob.

Wake Week begins Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:44:26
We have 10 guys confirmed for the scrim Tuesday, I was confirmed but I now might not be able to make it. I am going to take a look and see if I can find us an opponent anyway and then maybe Choad or Mandrake can run the scrim for us.

If not, I'm sure we can get some productive pubbing and continue working on our top secret move for Wake.... like there is anything in that map that hasn't been done before! Most overplayed map ever!

2003-09-07 The Kindread
Split the Gazala week! Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:25:03
Well, we had a tough match against WAR on Thursday setting us back to 3-2 on TWL but we changed up our strats and came out strong on Sunday to earn a very tight win over WDT to put us up to 3-2 on CAL.

Next week is Wake week, this can be one of our best maps and we are getting another shot at |D| who beat us when we were short handed on Aberdeen. Lets get our wins on both leagues to help push us towards our playoff berth!

2003-08-31 The Kindread
1.45 is now official Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:45:03
08-30-2003 09:04 PM

As of 11:59pm Saturday the 1.45 patch will be official for match play.

2003-08-30 The Kindread
BF1942 1.45 patch Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:12:16
The new patch has been released and I know many of us will be keen to get it an install it right away but we will NOT be using it for matches until the leagues approve it. This means you will either need to have two installs of the game or just don't install the patch until we get the green light from TWL and CAL.

2003-08-24 The Kindread
Yet More Roster News Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:36:36
Today I got together with two of our new recruits, Splicer and Metallica5. These two guys are former T1 players from UFR and we are hoping that they turn out as well as holyshiza and our other members who have joined us from that era. Welcome to the team boys, enjoy the barnyard treatment while you work up to full membership ;)

The Votes are in Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:34:53
We have held votes for 4 non-match players. Flyboy, Froghammer, PsycoJuana and XelNaga have all been on the roster for some time now and they have each proved themselves to be members of the Kindread community. I would like to congratulate and thank each of you for your dedication to our group.

Too Close yet too short Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:15:42
We had a kick ass game tonight, we played short handed nearly the entire match but at the end Dark0 showed up and turned us from 180-80 down to a 8-0 game. Unfortunately we weren't able to hold on those last 8 tickets to force an overtime. I think we all know that if we had had 12 players that would have been a Win For Kin!

Next Month Added Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:25:36
Just as an organisational note, I have added the remaining league matches to our lineup manager for people to sign up for.

2003-08-19 The Kindread
Scrim is a go Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:39:04
That's right, even though our numbers look low, we are going to play some recruits tonight to test them out. Therefore the scrim is still on. We will be playing against |AF|.

2003-08-17 The Kindread
Worst Event Ever, Lanageddon Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:10:22
As I said in my last news post, Lanageddon was on this weekend and they had advertised that they had a battlefield 1942 tournament with a confirmed $1500 in prizes. The tournament was suppose to start yesterday at 7pm. When the tournament finally did start at 2am I was beginning to get very angry. When our team was given a "bye" through both round 1 and round 2 to put us into the finals without playing the game I was extremely disappointed. It was not until I found out that the Lanageddon staff were not going to give us the $900 purse for first place but instead going to hand us a few shitty hats and shirts from intel that I became fucking pissed off.

This was a blatant robbery on their part. They took my money and exchange gave me shit. You'd think I would be more sympathetic because of the experience I have had organising BayLAN for the past 3 years but the truth is, I NEVER lied to the people who came to our LANs. I never promised prizes that were never there and when I said I would provide something, I did my best to make sure it was there.

We did not finish the tournament until 6am this morning and at that point I was in no mood to argue but now that I have had some sleep I think I am going to make sure the Lanageddon staff get an ear full about false advertisement.

2003-08-16 The Kindread
Lanageddon Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:17:41
Here I am at Lanageddon, there is suppose to be a BF1942 tournament going down with a $900 first place prize. I joined up with some guys from csab, FRAG and demise to win the tourny. Now we just have to hope there are enough teams to play against so we can collect!

2003-08-10 The Kindread
End Week 1 Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:58:22
GGs to BHRD on the end of Tobruk week. We had some very awesome play from a number of guys and we are currently undefeated in both games and rounds for week 1! Congrats everyone!

2003-08-09 The Kindread
Mid-Week 1 Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:46:08
Well, we had a great match Thursday on Tobruk. It has been a love/hate relationship between our clan and this map. Hopefully with a good turnout on Sunday, we will see another victory to round off the week. Hit the Lineup Manager ASAP!

2003-08-05 The Kindread
No Scrim Tonight Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:14:06
In light of low signups and the fact that I am going to go have drinks with some Calgary BFers from csab, FRAG, demise, practice has been cancelled. All the lineups for the next month of matches are up now.

2003-08-03 The Kindread
GG Preseason Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:26:30
Well, we closed our Preseason tonight and even though we were short handed and most of us were rusty from the off-season, we still played a fair match. If we can get back into our Tuesday scrims and play out our Thursday TWL matches, I think we will have a great season in CAL-o.

Kraz is all keen to get the Tuesday scrims going again so look out for his email spam to get you all motivated!

2003-07-28 The Kindread
TWL is starting up its season 3! Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:53:37
That's right, we have our first TWL Season 3 match this Thursday at 9:30pm ET. Get your heads in the game, its time to restart the killing!

2003-07-27 The Kindread
Week 2 win. Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:50:06
We won our second short handed CAL match today and just to get ahead of the game, here is a link to next week's map. Click Here for Eagle's Nest Map. I'll put this on the server now.

Preseason Week 2 Map Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:21:00
This link has been in the forums for a while but here it is again for those of you too lazy to go all the way to the forums.

2003-07-20 The Kindread
Alternate Downloads Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:24:05
Some people are having trouble with the download for Ender Forest. Here are some alternate downloads. Ender Forest 2 Ender Forest 3

2003-07-16 The Kindread
CAL Preseason has Begun! Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:16:17
That's right, CAL's BF1942 preseason is actually starting this wednesday. We have been lined up against 1rb and we are playing the custom map, Ender Forest. To Download it, Click Here for Ender Forest Download 1.

2003-07-09 The Kindread
SWG is online and the Kin are there! Posted By: Dr. Digita
at: 23:05:32
For those of you that play MMORPGs in addition to FPSs, if you're in to Star Wars, come see the Kindread on the Ahazi server in SWG. Our base of operations is tentatively set for Theed on Naboo and we're actively working toward building a guild hall so we can start our PA.

We look forward to seeing you in game!

CAL Season 3 Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:28:20
After checking my email, I see that we are on the short list of CAL teams that have less than 12 guys signed up for the league. If we do not get 12 guys then we will automatically be dropped. The link is in the Member's news and it is working. No Mistakes.

Back in Calgary Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:22:44
The Calgary crew is back home and safe. I'll be offline as I am moving into a new house and it seems our telecomms company screwed up another job and we have neither phone or DSL yet!!! It was SUPPOSE to be in a week ago today. Hopefully I will be online and ready to go ASAP but in the mean time I will be enjoying The Calgary Stampded and all the partying that goes with it.

2003-07-06 The Kindread
BayLAN Closes Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:52:36
BayLAN has come to an end. We have said all our good-byes and finished most of our clean-up in the hall. Tommorow the Calgary crew will be driving back home and we'll drop ODIN off along the way. I'd like to thank everyone who came out, I had a blast all week! Thanks to NecroChoad for putting us up in his house for the first half of the week and a special thanks goes out to Lazerd for his donations!

We will see all of you in our usual online schedule once we are home and settled back in.

2003-06-29 The Kindread
Packing for BayLAN Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:03:59
That's right, Mandrake, Fly-Boy and myself are all packing up tonight for our drive down to Cali. We are bringing along our console champ MBer. So, we'll effectively be offline for the most part of the week. Cya all at BayLAN.

BFSTATS Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:12:32
I know in general wel don't take Stats websites very seriously, but when someone does something impressive we need to acknowledge it. Lazerd, who just recently was voted into full membership, has switched to his new name and is already ranked 18th on BFSTATS. His personal rank has dropped our clan ranking from 370 something to 79 (or about there). Good work Lazerd, keep that pubbing fun alive!

2003-06-27 The Kindread
Season 3 is on the way Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:27:01
Well now, Season 3 for BF42 is coming up, this means that everyone has to sign up again for CAL (cuz their website is crap). The TWL on the other hand will be copying our roster over from Season 2. Also, the TWL has invited us to join their elite Invite league since we made the playoffs last season. Good Work guys!

2003-06-26 The Kindread
New BF42 Map Pack Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:19:08
csab has put together a 4 map pack for community enjoyment. Since we all agree that new maps are needed, I suggest everyone download them and try to find them ingame to test out. I will look to getting them on our servers.

Click here to download the Map Pack

Make sure you install the files into your \Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels directory.

2003-06-23 The Kindread
Upgrade Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:42:44
ZaarKahn saved my ass again in our Ventrilo Upgrade. The server is now successfully running version 2.1.0. Make sure you all upgrade your personal versions of Ventrilo. Quikfix will be upgrading his server also so we will have a solid backup in running order.

2003-06-19 The Kindread
Did I forget to say we should take a break? Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:02:06
I think the team has spoken and we are going to take a small break this week. Take it easy guys and we'll try to get that Sunday scrim going for SOW. This means we need to see more signups so get on it.

2003-06-17 The Kindread
Exhibitions are on Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:06:55
Starting tonight we are going to try to have regular Exhibition games every week. SOW would like to play us on Sundays (although we are playing them tonight to prep them for a ladder match). Strike Gaming has asked to take our Tuesday or Thursday nigths and I will find opponoents for the remaining night. This means we have to stay on top of the lineup manager to see when we are playing.

2003-06-13 The Kindread
GG's Posted By: UltraPimp
at: 13:17:49
Season 2 came to a conclusion last night with our playoff match versus demise. They showed why they are the top BF clan but we put up a good fight particularly in Round 2. Good job to everyone and I know we'll continue to improve in Season 3. Look for weekly exhibitions and scrims and continue to pub on voice comms so we can get ready and keep our momentum.

2003-06-12 The Kindread
Don't Patch! Posted By: UltraPimp
at: 07:26:37
The new 1.4 patch is out for BF but make sure you do NOT patch! Tonights match is version 1.31 and 1.4 will not be implemented in matches until approved by both TWL and CAL.

2003-06-10 The Kindread
End of Week 8 Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:41:54
The final week of our BF1942 season has gone by and the end result is that we are done for the season in CAL and we are on our way to the playoffs in the TWL. We have a match this thursday against the #1 seed demise. It will be a tough match, but if the Mighty Ducks can do it...

Signups are way overdue. Get your acts together so we can try to make Thursday a good match.

2003-06-03 The Kindread
Back up Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:52:25
News flash: The server is back up, voice comms and our game servers are online and ready to use.

Server dump Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:29:19
We are not sure what has happened to the game server but until it is back up, practice is off. Keep your eyes open for it coming back up. I'll be on ICQ and idling in our IRC room on GamesNET until it is back.

2003-05-30 The Kindread
On a totally unrelated note Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:22:37
My brother just had a really big day today and he deserves a shout out. This week he played in the Canadian Tour Spring Qualifying School held at The Dunes at Kamloops. This is a golf tournament where the top 15 players earn their pro cards and are able to play in PGA events.

8. Inlow, Travis Calgary, AB 75 71 69 72 71 358

This has been a really big week for him with his graduation from the University of Idaho a couple of weeks ago. He has his own website hosted here at KinTek where he can attract sponsors.

I'm really proud of him :)

It was a bummer Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:40:29
We lost our TWL match last night and I think it got a lot of us down because we knew that if we had practiced more, it would have been a lot closer or even a win for us.

With this in mind, hopefully we can step up to the plate for our Sunday game. I was also checking the TWL standings and we still have a playoff berth so next week will be the beginning of our playoffs. CAL is still a statistical chance, but a slim one at that.

I have worked all afternoon on new stuff for us. Go to the Member's BF1942 forums and read up on it.

2003-05-27 The Kindread
Week 7: all or nothing Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:22:53
We have entered Week 7 of our BF1942 season. This is all or nothing time, wins this week will bring us playoff chances, loses will see us miss. Lets get ready for these guys, more in the BF1942 forum.

2003-05-19 The Kindread
BayLAN Registration is Open! Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:21:01
That's right, you can now sign up as a tentative guest for BayLAN. Or if you know you will be attending, you can confirm now by paying via PayPal.

Click here for the BayLAN Registration Page

2003-05-16 The Kindread
Made it to the Movie Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:13:50
I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all the guys to played in tonight's match. It was a total test of faith on my part as I made a very poor gamble that our match would be finished well before the Matrix 2 started. As we were going into OT, Mandrake bailed because he had other people he was responsible for. I stayed (not for lack of trying to find a replacement) and I was fully prepared to miss the movie and then we greyed all flags in our first rush out of the north. We held the greys, killed all our opponents and I got to the theatre only a few minutes after Mandrake (because he had to pick up some people). Unfortunately, SolFire did not save me a seat so I had to sit by myself... but it was a hella good movie and I hardly noticed.

All in all, tonight was a success and I would like to thank my teammates for making it happen. You guys rock!

2003-05-13 The Kindread
Lineup Manager v1.3 Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:25:00
In response to my own problems as well as the suggestions from the membership, I have tackled the Lineup Manager code and released a new version that I hereby name: v1.3. If you see blue, then you are not signed up.

2003-05-12 The Kindread
Lessons of the Lineup Manager Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:02:21
I am sorry to the 14 guys who showed up to play in the scrim tonight. I had no idea our turnout would be that good since we only had 8 confirmed and 2 alternates for the match. I have started a thread in the Member's General forum about this and I would appriciate any comments you all have.

I have ODR confirmed for tomorrow's scrim. Hopefully we will get the same turnout we had tonight even though we have the same poor numbers in the lineup manager.

Tobruk Week ends Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:20:11
Wow is the term I would use when I think of our Tobruk matches on Thursday and Sunday. After our scrim on Tuesday with the Revival asshats (well, they only had two asshats that were talking smack after the scrim) we figure out what plans were not going to work and we didn't use them again. Thursday and Sunday were both against BTG, on Thursday we had a close match where Axis won every round. Sunday was the opposite in that Allies won every round and boy did that give us a heart attack after the first round. Fortunately, we got the win in both matches but they were very close wins.

2003-05-09 The Kindread
Long Overdue Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:42:07
I took the plunge and did a massive update on the Rules and Ranks pages. The Ranks page will not take effect on the website until after we can do some major upgrades to the entire site but the Rules update is effective immediately. Most of it is common knowledge but I hope everyone gives it a read anyway.

A busy week Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:09:19
Well, we have had a busy week. Jundicator is saying his goodbyes to his gaming computer as he heads off to work in DC. Jundicator's replacement might be found in Major Flex and Flex just so happens to have a buddy, Schutz (I have already shortened down his name), who is a hotshot infantry AT.

Tobruk/BuckToof week has started out better than I had hoped. We won our TWL match and it sets us up for a good match on Sunday. BuckToof are a good crew and regardless of Sunday's outcome, I expect we will have another team to scrim with.

2003-05-01 The Kindread
Thanks CkB Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:41:22
I found out that our opponents, NRG were not going to play against us tonight about 15 minutes before match time. So we earned our forfeit victory but we were left with nothing to do. Out of nowhere: WHAM! There is Polaris, ready and willing to get a scrim going. We even managed to put together 13 guys on each team instead of the normal 12.

It was hella fun, as usually when we play CkB. We'll have to play again.

We had a mini-scrim afterwards with WAR, we played shorthanded and obviously will have to work on our Tobruk strats before next week.

2003-04-27 The Kindread
GG pBk Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:20:09
Our second Bulge map went off much better than our first. We kept our Axis styles down and won 123-0. Then in the second round we managed to pull off a win for Allies with our improved game plan, the final score was around 70-0. pBk gave us a good clean match and I know I had a lot of fun.

GG everyone!

Next week, El Alamein. I'll try to get a scrim for Tuesday to practice.

2003-04-24 The Kindread
What a match!!! GfG FS! Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:45:27
Wow, Battle of the Bulge has been a long time fav map for me and for my first match in over a week (due to my trip to Cali). We played our TWL match against FS and it came down to the wire in the OT. Amazing game!!!

Also, I have put up lineups for our upcoming matches as well as some tuesday scrims.

2003-04-17 The Kindread
BSD returns!!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 02:01:26
That's right, another year has come and gone for those of us going to University here in Calgary. Even though I marked the end of my course work back in December, I am still an undergrad at the UofC until convocation in June. That means that today is the last day of lectures for the year and thus rings in the infamous BSD (Bermuda Shorts Day) that saw us all so drunk for the past 5 years.

The first party I have been invited to is at 8am, but I think I will skip it to save my energy for the afternoon/evening/night when all the women will be out!

Happy BSD everyone!

2003-04-15 The Kindread
Where is my brain? Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:40:57
I totally forgot to post that FatBaby has brought in yet another solid recruit: XelNaga. He has already shown up for a scrim and a match and is comfortable with voice comms and voicing his opinion. Exactly what I look for from a new guy in the Barnyard. Watch out for the goat!

Easter Sunday changes Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:30:05
This week, our Sunday match has been moved to Monday due to Easter. The lineup manager has been adjusted accordingly.

2003-04-08 The Kindread
Ventrilo test Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:52:07
We had our first test of the Ventrilo program. I noticed that some people sounded better, some people sounded worse and Puck's sound sucks for both.

We've got a voice comms thread that we will use to discuss this. For our matches this week, we will be using TS2.

2003-04-06 The Kindread
Iwo Jima Week ends Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:37:28
We had a SOLID showing for our CAL match tonight and we were able to pull out our Allies strats for Iwo Jima that we didn't get to use due to the Thursday problems with HEL. Blitz brought us a good game tonight but our solid infantry action from Truc and the crew brought us the win on Allies and our D was able to stomp out their O on Axis.

GGs to all the guys who played and Cheers to everyone who sat out and let someone else get into the preseason game.

This week we will have to get ready for Arberdeen.

2003-04-05 The Kindread
Listen Up! Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:14:44
If you are not on our CAL roster by Sunday you will not be eligable for the Sunday match. Take a look at that big ass link in the member's news and make sure your name is on the match roster.

2003-04-03 The Kindread
FatBaby, cooked well done. Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:30:44
Just in time for the first Pre-season game tonight, FatBaby has been voted in for full membership by the rest of the team. Let's ride this bit of good news into a winning Season 2 in BF1942!

2003-03-31 The Kindread
The KaOTiKa Monster is back! Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:57:29
Most of us noticed that our Kindread TS2 server was down for the weekend. That was because ZaarKahn, our beloved master of the KaOTiKa monster, has fixed her up for our enjoyment. He reformatted the server, set up KroNos to be a T2 Shifter server and KaOTiKa is now our newest BF1942 server.

What this means is we now have 2 powerhouse servers and we will set one up to be a match server and the other will be our pub. Also, everyone will have to re-register for the Kindread TS2 server. I am pretty sure I have walked you all through the process but if you need help just give one of the Captians a hollar.

2003-03-28 The Kindread
Welcome Lazerd! Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:54:07
Alright everyone, we have a new name to look out for, Lazerd. He is coming out of the gates and running fast, well, at least he is pouring himself a drink as he sits down to play a game. Either way he is going to fit right in with the rest of the booze hounds around here!

Scratch that Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:25:03
Apparently the TWL has now pulled our Season 1 roster over to the Season 2. Now we just need to update it with any new additions that may not have been on it and we will be good to go.

2003-03-27 The Kindread
TWL Season 2 now open Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:25:52
I have just finished signing us up for the TWL season 2. Unfortunately we all have to re-join this team also but Polaris assures me that he will fix the code so that we won't have this problem when Season 3 comes out. More in the member's news.

2003-03-26 The Kindread
New Map! Aberdeen Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:17:09
Ok everyone needs to go get the new Aberdeen map for our scrim tomorrow (Thursday). I uploaded it to the server and there is a link to it in the BF1942 forum so you have no excuses now for not having it!!!

2003-03-24 The Kindread
CAL Season 2 is a go Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:40:07
The sign up has started for CAL season 2 and the Kindread are signed up. Head in to the member's news for more info on how to get yourselves on the team.

2003-03-23 The Kindread
Roster Updates Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:47:54
We have a couple changes going on in the roster. Intrepid, who was brought in by Fuji, has just been voted into full membership. He is a solid gamer and fits right in with the crew. Also, we have a couple new names that are going to be showing up: poin (FatBaby's friend) and JoeDirt (a random application that caught our collective eye). JoeDirt may yet change his name again, I think it is to avoid copyright infringement! just joking.

This will mark a serious slowdown in our recruitment, with so many guys around right now and some inactive guys looking to make comebacks our BF1942 squad is exactly where I want it: fat and healthy.

Reminder: Your activity in the forums and the lineup manager will significantly influence your match time for when we have extra players. Keep an eye on that.

2003-03-20 The Kindread
The Scrims keep coming Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:28:50
We have replaced DLR with CkB tonight. Sunday we are going to play [FLD]. Next Thursday I have tentatively booked FRAG and maybe we can get --{A}-- for next Sunday. They have all be emailing me back and forth. Good guys all and I want to scrim them all.

Check the lineup manager for these new scrims and sign up.

2003-03-17 The Kindread
Happy St. Patty's day Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:03:23
I know the day is almost over, but the green beer has just begun to flow here. Enjoy your Irish if you have any and if you don't, fake it and have a beer. Don't forget to wear green.

2003-03-16 The Kindread
RtR Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:55:32
Well, both the TWL and the CAL are going to start including Road To Rome maps into competition. This means that we will need all of our players to go out and buy the expansion. I've heard prices as low as $15 US in Walmart. Season 2 signups will start in the next couple weeks and I'll make sure we are in both leagues.

2003-03-10 The Kindread
Scrim season is on Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:04:48
Just because we didn't make the playoffs doesn't mean we are going to see less games than before! I am reaching out to all those teams that sent us much lubbing and making sure we have scrims for every Sunday and Thursday until the leagues get rolling again.

Also, there are going to be some Road to Rome tournaments during the off season. I'll make sure we are in those.

2003-03-05 The Kindread
To infinity and beyond! Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:44:38
Jundicator has quickly turned into one of our ever dominate pilots in BF1942 and an all around good guy. Thus it is my pleasure to announce that the Kindread have made him into our newest member. GGs buddy.

2003-03-04 The Kindread
Kaotika TS2 Server Update Posted By: M4ndr4k3
at: 22:57:31
The kaotika TeamStream2 server is back up and running with rc2 installed on it. You will need to recreate your account for it. See the members general forum for more details.

TeamSpeak2, RC2 released!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:49:25
Title says it all, the TeamSpeak Developers have just released the new fancy RC2. I think Quik has already upgraded our Hillhse server and we'll get our KaOTiKa server upgraded ASAP.

Just for you, click here to get the RC2 client (Windows version)!

2003-03-01 The Kindread
Old School Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:09:17
Every few months I like to bust out an old fav song from our Tribes Shifter days. For your enjoyment, plz get the 2ndHndSmoke Song Right Click and save it for your enjoyment.

2003-02-28 The Kindread
Practice Sunday! Posted By: Wolven
at: 03:25:02
We are going to try to get either a Practice or a Scrim on Sunday for Tobruk. I'm sure we can find some other teams in the league who are up for it. The alternate time for this practice would be Tuesday. More info when I get it.

2003-02-27 The Kindread
GGs Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:31:02
All I can say about our match tonight was perfect. We came into this match as the super underdogs, playing against a previously undefeated team in our division, and we won a solid match. CAG came at us hard and consistently. They were constantly flanking us on Bocage, stealing our equipment and taking the flag that should always have been ours.

The reason we won regardless of that, is because we were playing a game with no mistakes. We flowed to counter their attacks and we were able to contain them. We had 12 guys who were ready to play tonight and on time. I hope this sets the road to us marching to the playoffs.

Huge Thanks to Quik! Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:25:16
This simply doesn't get said enough. Our server admins, Quik, ZaarKahn and include have been solid for us in both T2 and BF1942. Tonight was just another example where our server was up and running and set up for the match well ahead of time.

Thanks guys for providing our game servers and keeping them going!

2003-02-23 The Kindread
Sunday match rescheduled to Tuesday Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:23:33
Our Last Ladder match went to OT and will be rescheduled for Tuesday at 9:30pm ET. We lost the first map soundly. Something like 166-40. Then we won the second map 142-38. Thus we are now going to OT on BotB. We were going to try to get a scrim for that night to go over our Bocage, but it looks like that will have to come after we finish this match. Hopefully our servers will be back online.

Much <3 to Fuji, FatBaby, DregunFly and Mandrake for all making sure we had backup TS2 servers.

2003-02-21 The Kindread
GGs DLR Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:29:19
Just like I expected after our Ladder match against DLR last week, our League match against them was an even more intense, yet friendly, game. DLR came at us hard with everything they had in the first map and stomped all over us. In the second map, we managed a last minute killing spree to win by 1 ticket!!!! omg.

In the third map, UltraPimp showed up and after Mandrake gracefully sat out we proceeded to kick ass. DLR made a couple of mistakes that we capitalized on and we pulled through for the win. Amazing games and we will be scrimming against DLR in the future, I am sure.

2003-02-12 The Kindread
Back to Back match nights Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:02:49
Tonight we had a tough time getting our 12 guys, it took a phone call to Choad to get him in at the last minute. That said, DLR were great guys to play against (as we knew they would be). A lot of familar names from T2 there. Summary of the match: they worked us on the first run of Bocage and we came back and held our own for the rest of the match to earn the win. Great Games guys!!

Our League match is tomorrow and we may be dropping the Ladder for some extra scrims (that should hopefully not take up as much time).

2003-02-09 The Kindread
vgb T2 Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:23:34
Well, I am sad to say that Mandrake and I have agreed to close the doors on our Tribes2 Team. This came as a surprise to some after a good turnout for our KY match. Some of our players will be looking to join T2 teams to continue competing and I strongly encourage you guys to all get onto the same team. We will be looking to get onto a small scale ladder, either Team Rabbit 2 or something else along those lines. More discussion on that will take place in the member's forums.

2003-02-03 The Kindread
BF1942 Ladder match moved Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:55:36
Our BF1942 ladder match has been moved from tonight to Wednesday Feb. 12. That's not this Wednesday but a week from now. We will likely drop the ladder after this match to focus on League play. Fear not though, I have been collecting scrim information with the clans we have been playing and we will still be busy with clan events!

2003-02-02 The Kindread
GL FUTANT!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:26:23
Most of us (including myself) didn't know this, but Futant has been 'deployed' by 'work' and will be gone for at least a year. This took me by surprise. We all wish him well and we will await his return!

Holy Sign Up Batman Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:04:48
Hey Botches, sign up for the friggin matches.

2003-02-01 The Kindread
Roster Updates Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:51:34
I've been making roster updates without announcing them in the news... *bad wolven*. Sanfu made full member after his last match and more recently, holyshiza from the old UFR has joined us, played solidly as a pilot in BF1942 and has been voted into full membership. Finally, Jundicator was discovered by FAH and after taking a look at his skills, he has been added as our newest recruit.

Congrats to all of you, good games and have fun!

2003-01-30 The Kindread
Awake the Beast Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:28:09
We were lucky enough to snap NERV's winning streak in BF1942. The only reason we even got a chance was because they were kind enough to wait while we sorted out connection problems. Once we had all our guys in we saw the air dominated by XeRo, CW and LiB and the ground saw serious ownage by Smoke, Pimp and the big Choad himself.

It was BF1942 the way it was meant to be played. GGs.

2003-01-29 The Kindread
BF1942 mess Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:47:47
Well, our Ladder match seems to be a complete mess. Hopefully it will go down tonight, otherwise we will have to get an admin to step in and clean house. Speaking of cleaning house, I took the initiative and worked out some strats for tomorrow's LEAGUE match based on the 11 man lineup I have right now.

2003-01-27 The Kindread
Just when you get organised. Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:35:47
Our BF1942 ladder opponents cannot play our Ladder match on Tuesday. I have offered them Wednesday but I need to know if we can get 12 guys together for that date. If we can't play Wednesday and they can't play Tuesday I have asked to have the match cancelled.

I will try to get a scrim with [AK] for Tuesday since I know many of you have booked that time off already.

2003-01-26 The Kindread
Match Updates Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:04:14
Our T2 match has been bumped to next Sunday since our BF1942 matches are on Tuesday and Thursday. Look for some T2 practice updates from Mandrake. He'll add them to the lineup manager ASAP.

Damn Virus Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:37:02
Thanks to that SQL Server 2000 virus, our ISP was offline for the past couple of days. We are back online now and matches are coming up!!

2003-01-21 The Kindread
BF1942 matches Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:25:31
We have two BF1942 matches this week, today (tuesday) and Thursday. Today is the ladder match, Thursday is the league match. Sign up for both so we can get organised and go for the 'W'.

2003-01-14 The Kindread
BF1942 League Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:42:47
I signed us up for the BF1942 league. I am not sure if there is room for us to be added but we won't find out until everyone signs up for the roster! More details in the member's news.

2003-01-12 The Kindread
Need Pilots Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:16:25
Well, another BF1942 match down where we had the other team on the ropes until their pilots turned the game around at the last moment and stomped us. After the first map it just became more obvious that our air support is lacking.

Quikfix is loading up Coral Sea on the server so we can get back to developing latent pilot abilities. Look for some of that action on Tuesday before/after our scrim with AK

2003-01-09 The Kindread
BF1942 Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:49:10
We have a match coming up this sunday, the lineup manager is filling quickly so if you want to be one of the 12 guys in the match sign up ASAP.

Also, we are going to start looking at the league play for more BF1942 games. drop your opinion if you have one, otherwise I'll just flex my tyrannical muscles and make the choice for you.

2002-12-31 The Kindread
Happy New Years!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:05:04
I hope everyone has some good safe fun tonight! 2002 has been a growing year for us and I hope only good things lie ahead for each of us in 2003.

2002-12-29 The Kindread
No BF1942 match Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:42:46
Well, as a surprise to most, we do not have a BF1942 match tonight. I checked the TWL this afternoon only to find that our opponent already reported the loss. I am guessing it had to do with the holiday season. So we will hold a fun practice and try to make the best of it!

2002-12-25 The Kindread
Doube 'T's Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:01:04
Two of our initiates have been voted into full membership by the clan: T'ai Kung and Trucidation. Both have shown they are match quality players and so I am pleased to make this announcement with my holiday cheers!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Holidays!!! Posted By: WingZ
at: 00:16:22
It's that time of the year, when people are cheery and singing Christmas songs. Unfortunately, people still don't do it anyways. But have a great Christmas and happy holidays! Fun fun fun! :)

2002-12-20 The Kindread
doh! Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:19:25
Well, the match was called off last night due to the other team not having enough players (the fact that we were short a couple too was also a factor). We will either try to reschedule the match or get it cancelled for a different match after the holiday season.

2002-12-18 The Kindread
T2 Classic match Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:48:50
There is a difference in match times, the TWL official time is for today, the REAL match time however is tomorrow. Go by what's in the lineup manager and the forums.

I see we are still short on our roster, so get in and sign up for the match!

2002-12-15 The Kindread
Challenging #1? Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:12:54
We had two options to challenge up on the BF1942 ladder. We could go #1 or #4 and we decided to go with #1. Thus, we have a match this Tuesday, December 17th at 9:30pm ET. Get into the members area and lets try to get ready on short notice.

Wolven finishes his last exam Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:00:20
Well, it is now midnight on December 15th. I wrote my last exam at 8am on the 14th and then got as drunk as humanly possible by 3 or so in the afternoon. I have since passed out, woke up, threw up, drank more, ate more, threw up again, switched to toast and water and am now ready to go back to sleep. I plan to repeat this tomorrow with a different group of friends.

Wow am I a mess. GGs.

2002-12-11 The Kindread
New look! Posted By: WingZ
at: 23:36:32
We got a new face-lift as you can see! :) Thanks Drake and XeRo!

2002-12-10 The Kindread
Fast Match Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:53:26
Well, we are challenging Rung #4 and guess what? They want to play this Thursday! I asked to go after exams were done but I guess a lot of their players are students and are going back home (and away from their T1 connections).

So, Thursday, Dec 12 at 9pm ET is start time. Lets get organised fast cause this will be my study break for thursday night.

2002-12-09 The Kindread
New Kindread Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:29:42
I am pleased to announce Let It Bleed and Mr. Fuji have both been voted into full membership by the clan. As of today, both of these guys are Kindread for life! Game On!

2002-12-08 The Kindread
Clan Meeting Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:13:41
We will be having a clan meeting on Tuesday, December 10th. We will be discussing what ladders we want to play on, what future plans we want to make and what our favorite beers are. Right after the meeting, we will have a T2 pub session with as many guys as we can get into a Classic server.

Please make an effort to put your input into either the meeting or into the discussion on the forums.

Hit the forums! Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:38:23
Ok guys, we have a couple big discussions going on in our game forums. BF1942 is looking to grow while T2 is in need of some restructuring. Get in there and do the Kindread thing: Give you opinion!

Also, we have a T2 match tonight. We are going into it short handed. We will go on rest for as much of exam season as possible so we do not have to repeat this.

2002-12-02 The Kindread
BF1942 match tomorrow Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:47:36
That's right! The match that didn't get done last week is being redone tomorrow! Let's get our gamefaces on cause it is going to be a good one!

2002-12-01 The Kindread
Match tonight Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:17:49
Yes, that is right! We have a match tonight Sun Dec 01, 2002 at 09:00 PM EST. There hasn't been very much chatter about this and our lineup is short. If you are available, please try to make it!

2002-11-27 The Kindread
My wet dream realized! Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:41:28
In other news, I am overly excited by the news that came out of nVidia in the past week. If you have 90 minutes, you can watch the whole thing for yourself here.

To summarize it, when the evil nVidia aborbed my beloved 3Dfx, I knew that their combined technology would somehow prove to make the merger a good thing. With the release of the GeForce FX, 'good thing' is an understatement.

The only thing left to say is wow

2002-11-26 The Kindread
Blown match Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:15:24
Well, tonight's match was a total bust. We need to either sort out a new match time or get the match killed. Log in, let me know when is good for you in the BF1942 forum.


2002-11-21 The Kindread
Match Dates Posted By: Wolven
at: 20:41:27
The next batch of Match dates are in. This Sunday we have our V2 match against UNS. Next Tuesday is our BF1942 match and then we are still in discussion about getting our Classic match moved to a new date and time.

Check with the lineup manager and sign up if you haven't already!

2002-11-19 The Kindread
Thanks AK! Posted By: Wolven
at: 04:45:51
We had a solid scrim tonight with AK. We got two maps down and each team won a map but the scores were close! It was great to see a number of our new guys playing.

We have been challenged on a couple of ladders, we'll try to get all of our details worked out ASAP. Keep your eyes open for the BF1942 time because it could be this Thursday.

2002-11-17 The Kindread
Matches! Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:59:24
We have a match tonight (seems to me we are good to go), a BF1942 scrim tomorrow (go sign up!) and another T2 match for next sunday that needs more signups! C'mon guys, get on it!

2002-11-16 The Kindread
New strats for old hacks Posted By: M4ndr4k3
at: 10:49:05
Read up on the map strats for the upcoming match in the members forum. I need input as to the exact attack plan.

2002-11-14 The Kindread
Roster Updates Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:36:57
I updated the roster today. The first thing you will note is that ThrillKiller and Dark0 have been promoted to full membership. The second thing you will notice is that we have two new names on our roster: Sanfu2 and Trucidation. They are guys we just couldn't pass up due to intense gaming skills and strong references within the clan. The third thing you will notice on the roster page is that all of our match players have been moved to the active roster. Mandrake and I will try to seperate the guys playing different games when we get some time to sit down and look at the code.

2002-11-09 The Kindread
Version 2 Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:49:48
We have our first Version 2 match tomorrow. The match starts at 9:30pm ET. Practice for the match starts at 8:30pm ET. Show up and get on GV so we can be ready ASAP.

2002-11-07 The Kindread
Reminder: BF1942 match tonight! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:04:48
Don't forget, our third map in the TeK match is tonight at 9:30pm ET. We'll be meeting in Hillhse [Kin] early to polish off some ideas.

Down to 3 Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:03:04
Well, we had a fun time with our TR2 match last night. Team Jenkins was good enough to beat us soundly and while it was fun to play, we need to cut back in the number of ladders we are in. Thus, TR2 was the odd man out and had to go. We are still on the 14 man Classic, 13 man Version 2 and the 12 man BF1942 ladders.

2002-11-05 The Kindread
TR2 update Posted By: Wolven
at: 04:14:33
We have moved our Team Rabbit 2 match to Wednesday at 9:30pm ET. Our opponent said there was no way they would be able to make Tuesday. So, hopefully this time will work out for us as well. If not, we may just dump the TR2 league and keep on in the BF1942, V2 and Classic ladders.

2002-11-03 The Kindread
Dates are set! Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:30:51
Our BF1942 match will be finished on Thursday at 9:30pm ET. We only have the one map to play so we'll make sure everything is in good order to play as soon as both teams are ready.

Also, we have our Classic match tonight, our roster is looking a bit slim. Hopefully a couple guys not sign up will show so we can get the full 14. After this we will most likely drop the 14 man classic ladder and discuss whether we want to pick up the 7 man classic for the few guys that prefer classic over V2. (but really, we should all just get into BF1942!)

Finally, our first 13 man V2 match has been moved from Thursday to Sunday Nov. 10th. The lineup is up and ready for you all to Sign up.

2002-10-31 The Kindread
BF1942 match vs TeK Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:42:33
Well, we had an intense first isntallment to our match with TeK. The first map came down to a 2 ticket lead by TeK and they ended up winning the map. Looking back, there was a few things I could have done to earn those two bloody tickets, like not TK Abbell with a grenade, doh! The second map was a huge turnaround for us, we wanted the win and we earned it with a resounding 182-0 combined ticket total after map 2. Unfortunately, map 3 has yet to be played, it was getting late and we had to reschedule the last map.

I think we will try for either Wednesday or Thursday next week. I need you guys to go to the BF1942 forum and let me know which will be better. I'll also create lineups.

2002-10-30 The Kindread
Munch[Kin] Season Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:40:33
Tis the season coined after Munch[Kin], (Choadwarrior's son for those who don't remember). We have at least three big congrats to the new dad's (or soon to be dad's) in the group. MullaXul and Ferret have both become father's in the last week and the serious old timer, DrDigital is expecting his lil'digit in the next week or so.

Since the command squad wasn't prepared for this, cigars are not in the mail (yet) we will see if we can get some late care packages sent out to you guys. Take care of yourselves and those future Kindread!

2002-10-28 The Kindread
Matches coming up Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:20:58
That's right, we have a BF1942 match coming up this Wednesday night. We are starting at 9:15pm ET and since we are attacking, we have to go to their server so everyone has to be ready ahead of time! Also, there is a T2 Classic match coming up on Sunday, Nov. 3. We are going to play this match since it came up before the V2 ladder openned and then we may drop from the ladder. V2 just seems to be more fun for more of the guys and that is what it is all about, right?

So everyone needs to log in and help get organised, we have chats going on in the forums and lineups are up for matches and goofing off!

Also, in case you guys haven't been reading your emails we have some congrats to go out. Ferret and Doc will both be Fathers very soon. Ferret is having his second so I doubt this will change much for him. Doc will have to come by and get some pointers from the more experienced guys in the group about how to introduce gaming to the young Digit.

Cheers guys!

2002-10-19 The Kindread
New Initiates Posted By: Wolven
at: 19:03:15
We have two new initiates to welcome to the Kindread. Let it Bleed, whom we all know as Choad the Fourth, and Mr.F-u-j-i, a surprising addition from the SBA community. Both guys are planning to come on strong in our BF1942 team and maybe dabble in T2. Either way, I am sure you'll settle in with the group just fine!

2002-10-13 The Kindread
New News Page and Script Posted By: Mandrake
at: 01:41:53
I have finally gotten off my ass and re-written this news page the way it should be, or at least closer than it was. The downside is it is not entirely finished yet as I still need to add the admin functions for it and all of the news that I transferred out of the old news archives is titled, "old news," as none of them had titles previously. This page is easilly customisable, so if I ever get all the images coallated that Xero so kindly put together for me, I can easilly switch this news page over. Anyway, enough coding for today, tackle those admin options after some sleep.

2002-09-10 The Kindread
Recruiting Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:44:36
In recruiting news, we added yet another new name to the list. ThrillKiller. He is the third guy in our Denver squad along with include and Futant. Glad to have you aboard!

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:40:28
We had our last Base++ match with KY and I must admit that I was happy as hell with our performance. We took the lead fast and showed that we should have won that match. We just couldn't bring ourselves to turtle as hard as we should have.

Our plans now are to test out both Classic and Version 2. The growing interest in Version 2 seems to be winning out on the fun factor and I think that will become our new mod. Since there isn't a ladder for it yet, we will have to contend ourselves with a couple Classic matches.

Great work everyone!

2002-09-03 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 15:11:11
We have set up our final Base++ against [KY]. It seems fitting that every time we get ready to leave a ladder [KY] is there to play us! Get into the match via the lineup manager.

Also, BF1942 has openned its ladder to challenges. Anyone who has the game should sign up ASAP.

We have a couple new guys to welcome. Coming in hot on the heels of PsycoFodder we have PsycoJuana. He is looking to beef up our BF1942 team while rejoining his buddies. Also, we have found another Texan in Dark0. Keep your eyes open for him and FAH on our BF1942 server, Hillhse [Kin]!!!!!

2002-08-26 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 12:58:29
The new release of T2 is out and you can download it HERE. If that server is slow for you, Sierra has a few other's up. You can find all the links for them on the news page of the TWL site.

With this release, we will have some choices to make. We only want to play in one of the big T2 ladders now that we are looking to get into BF1942. So our choices are Classic, Base++ and Version 2. All of these mods have their ups and downs but we need to figure out which one will provide us the most fun and then go from there.

2002-08-19 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 09:24:14
We have a base++ match upcoming on Sunday. The roster is looking pretty good but I know more of you need to sign up, so get on it!

Also, I would like to get more info on how many guys are playing BF1942 so we can try to get a scrim together for that game. Head into the forums and let us know!

2002-08-12 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:25:08
We have had some ups and downs this week on the roster. I am very sad to say that we have lost a very important member, ZaarKahn. Due to RL issues that are conflicting with his ability to be in the Kindread we are going to have to say farewell for now. I know this comes as a shock to most of you, I am personally very sad about it, especially since I was just staying at ZaarKahn's place when Mandrake and I flew down to SJ for the LAN. I eagerly await the day when ZaarKahn will be free to rejoin us and get back to the pure enjoyment of gaming with fellow adults. You will be very missed ZK.

On a lighter note, we have some new recruits to welcome. KegMan is coming in as a new capper. Quikfix is coming in at long last (it only took you 3 years buddy). Cerberu$ (PsycoBobo) is joining us as a Heavy D. And last but not least PsycoFodder will be looking to fill a hole on the O side.

With these amazing additions, the Kindread will now be moving forward in both T2 Classic Mod and keep your eyes open for our Battlefield 1942 team. With any luck there will be a server with our tag on it in the near future.

2002-08-08 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 12:37:01
Two bits of news, first off our match against is tonight at 9:30pm ET not yesterday like the TWL says. So make sure you show up for the match tonight!

Secondly, we have just joined the Classic Mod ladder at rung 43. It will give us a good climb and lots of games to get used to the new mod. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint! Everyone should go sign up for the new team.

2002-07-31 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 18:07:47
The Lineups for this week are up and ready. We have Practice tomorrow (most likely at the ToS pickup), Practice or a scrim on Tuesday, Rabbit on Thursday and a match on Sunday. Lets do it!

2002-07-28 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 08:31:28
We had a good match against the Templars last night. Unfortunately, some technical problems kept us from playing at 100% most of the match and it was obvious that those guys were not the kind of guys we could play short handed against. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open for those last couple of players that we need to recruit to stay in match form. Also, keep your eyes open for some more scrims to be planned for Tuesdays while we get back to our Sunday match schedule, Thursday will remain Rabbit/Hunters day.

2002-07-26 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:03:14
Alright, we have our match tomorrow and if that is not exciting enough I have just uploaded Abbell's latest Kindread Skin for T2 and linked it up on the Files page (and the Recruits page). Go get the full skin pack!!! I felt like I did on my first time playing T2, in awe of how kewl it can look and now it all looks Kindread!

2002-07-22 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:06:30
After some effort I have re-added all the Match History that was lost in the last server failure. So we are now back up to speed there. More fixes are on the way. Also, we are having a Thursday Rabbit/Hunters night. This counts as a practice and we are going to be working on our chainwhoring and MA discs. Show up in KroNos and enjoy the fragging!

2002-07-21 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 00:10:31
We had a great match with uTp on Sunday. It was a good turn around for us and we are now on our way towards making a challenge for the #18 rung. The match will be on Tuesday the 27th! So book the day off and lets get ready to rumble!

2002-07-10 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 09:35:33
Alright guys, the website seems to be nearly 100% again and as most of you have noticed, we even have a new public forum to boot! Now that that has been taken care of we need to get back down to business. We have a match set up for next Sunday and that means we have a week to get our shit together and get everyone going again. Spread the word!

2002-06-26 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 17:57:03
Well we are here at BayLAN 2002 and have taken a couple of pictures to entertain and amuse you (yes that may be redundant). They can be found here. I will post more updates as information becomes available. - Mandrake

2002-06-07 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 21:41:03
We had our first Base++ victory tonight against (MA), the Mature Asskickers. They played a great game, and we enjoyed playing with them. Great game!

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 10:46:33
Match: Update, the match tonight is on at 10pm ET not 8pm ET. We will still try to have a practice before the match, 7:30pm ET. Everyone should try to make that, then have dinner and be ready to go for match time. If there is any confusion, contact ODIN.

2002-06-03 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 00:12:53
We had a good match against KY. They came prepared and we didn't and it really showed on our part. GGs guys and hopefully we will see you on the ++ ladder soon. We are now officially off the 12 man ladder and 100% base++ clan.

2002-05-27 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 15:03:12
Match: We have rescheduled our last 12 man match with KY. The match will go down on July 2nd, Tuesday, at 10:00pm ET. Everyone will need to sign up so we can get this match done!

2002-05-26 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:32:11
Alright everyone, we are suppose to be having a scrim tommorow with TIA. Now I know thing were pretty weak on Sunday but I would like to see a good showing this Thursday and not let |TIA| down! Squad leaders get on your ICQ and start spamming everyone!!

2002-05-24 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 09:45:50
Due to the rather confusing death of the TWL website, our match with KY didn't come together. They had their guys but it seems a few of us read the TWL notice that all matches were cancelled until further notice and took the day off. We still had a small scrim with KY and hopefully we can try to pull together a real match to conclude the Kindread's chapter in Base and the 12 man ladder.

2002-05-21 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 14:16:15
Let's get ready for our last 12 man match. We are playing [KY] again, we haven't seen them in a match since our OGL days. Let's make this a good one!!!

2002-05-20 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 23:41:55
We had a victory against =DUI= tonight. It was a well-fought match and a good way to end the 7-man++ ladder. Now, we're moving onto the Base++ ladder. Good game, =DUI=!

2002-05-19 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:42:28
Recruitment: We have another new recruit today. Wolfhunt has joined us as a new HO. I am hoping that this will help us with our adjustment towards the 14 man base++ ladder. Welcome aboard.

2002-05-17 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:38:42
We had a tough match against |TIA|. It was fun but the match drove home the issue that we have been mulling over for the past couple of months/year. Base is simply lacking. We will play out one more match on each of our current ladders and then drop them both for the 14 man base++ ladder.

This will mean less matches, but I will make sure we have enough scrims to stay busy. Also, we will need to recruit a player or two for our HO or capper squads. Maybe another LD. We'll see how thing pan out with our scrims. ~Wolven

2002-05-16 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 02:04:22
Matches, Scrims and more Matches! We have 12 man match today (Sunday), 14 man base++ scrim on Tuesday and a 7 man base++ match (probably our last for now) on Thursday.

Lets get the word out and get everyone signed up and knowing what to do!

2002-05-09 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:37:23
Another great match tonight! We played a hard game against [TNP], they got the jump on us in the first 10 minutes of No Shelter and that gave them enough to take the map in overtime. Then in Firestorm and Harvester, it was all Kindread. We fought hard to take home the win. [TNP] were great sports, we both had a lot of trouble with players staying connected and they didn't seem to get ruffled by the delays. GGs everyone!! ~Wolven

2002-05-08 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 00:50:02
We had a HUGE day yesterday! It started out with me crashing the game servers. That's right, I forgot who owned the files. After getting support from include for a few hours, we decided to just give him access to the server. Now *drum roll* not only is KroNos up and running, but so is the long lost KaOTiKa!!! So, keep your eyes open for both HomeLAN KaOTiKa[Kin]++ 613 and HomeLAN KroNos[Kin] 614.

The second big news is our newest recruit, Froghammer! I am really pleased to welcome him to Kindread and I am sure he will fit right in with our other heavy hoes. ~Wolven

2002-05-06 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 20:55:41
We have had some killer scrims this week. DxM were great sports on Tuesday and even though we were short for 12, they had extras and we played some good games. Today, we had a solid time with FS. I think that this has been more productive than our usual practices and we should be planning a lot more scrims to replace our future practices.

GGs everyone. Next up, Matches on Sunday (12 man), Tuesday (7 b++) and a scrim on Thursday with |FS| again. I'll be talking to DxM for another scrim in the near future. ~Wolven

2002-04-30 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 21:49:43
We fought a good match against DxM tonight. They proved to be the more organised team, leaving us alone for 5 minutes while they got a play together and then hammered us with it. We fought well in the second map. They took the lead in DBF but we came back hard when they thought they had won it and tied it up. Unfortunately, they sneeked the win in OT.

I will be trying to get a scrim set up for Sunday, keep your eyes open for it! ~Wolven

2002-04-25 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:03:36
Match: We have another upcoming match on Thursday. This means we will have some solid practices this week. Tommorow will be a full practice and maybe a scrim if we can arrange one. We will also go for a Monday practice and perhaps a Wednesday to get us ready to play. ~Wolven

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 01:06:28
Roster: A big day today for two of our players, Dygital and include have both been voted into full membership. They will now be able to proudly wear their [Kin] tags while gaming. They have both been very keen recruits and I think good things will come from them as full members. ~Wolven

2002-04-23 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 00:25:42
Our LAN has just been confirmed. The hall is booked and the Date is set: July 26-28. We are co-hosting the LAN with |CO| and we have been lucky enough to rope HomeLAN into sponsoring the event. There will be some prizes as well as a lot of gamerz (rumor has it Hall holds 100 peeps).

The website for the LAN is in the works, banners are on the way via Mandrake. Let the advertising begin. ~Wolven

2002-04-20 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 09:52:21
Our match last night against |tko| was hard fought. We knew that we were challenging a tough team and they showed us where our faults were. It was a good match though, we played hard and we tried some new things. It was a good step for us to take. Now we will wait to see who challenges us and punish them for doing so ;)

After the match, |tko| invited us to scrim with them. I think that says a lot about our game and I will definately be taking them up on that offer. ~Wolven

2002-04-18 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 14:19:19
I have released the lineup for the match tommorow based on who has signed up for the match and who has been to practices. Hit the match forum and make sure you understand your role for the match.

2002-04-13 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 21:09:29
Another solid turnout for our scrim today. A huge thanks to =MH= for giving us a great practice on our match maps, even with a short roster. They showed us a trick or two that we will definately remember for our match. Hope we can do that again some time! ~Wolven

2002-04-10 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:43:43
We had an intense match last night against DOM. We had been practicing hard all week and everything was working for voice comms. Both of the maps were new match maps for us, Deadly Birds Song and No Shelter. On both maps, DOM came out strong but quickly our practice started to pay off as we shut down their O and put the pressure on their D.

We are going to try to take our momentum and challenge |tko| for rung 15. Keep your heads up for practice and match details! ~Wolven

2002-04-07 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 21:02:30
We had a good showing at practice today, at least for the LD! Deadline to sign up for the match is tommorow night so sign up now! Also, be sure to read the match thread for this one so you know what role you will be playing.

2002-04-04 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 18:34:24
We played our third and final match in the Pnet tournament. Considering the subtle differences between base and base++, as well as the fact that Saturday afternoon is not a good time for us to get players. I think we had a good time in the tournament. We were short again vs CDNA and we held our own for the most part but eventually they took the lead and kept it.

All in all, I was pleased with base++. I think that with some practice we could have won a number of those maps. GGs guys.

We will have Practice on Sunday and Tuesday for our Thursday Match vs ^DOM^. I know we usually go on Mondays but I think we might do better on Tuesdays. Check the member's area for more info.

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:15:10
Tournament News: Well, the Pnet tournament started at 2pm instead of 3pm. This didn't seem to work for us since we only had 3 guys show to take on the #1 team on the 12 man ladder, {ns}. Now worries? They capped out pretty fast.

Our second rounder was on even terms but [KGB] proved to have the edge on the first round map and we tied on the second two. Tournament rules, they win. We have a bye in the 3rd round and 4th round is at 8pm ET.

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:07:29
The news page was lost in a fit of rage during exams. Not really, I accidently deleted it after filling up the Hard drive on the server and then trying to post some news. Unfortunately, our most recent backup was at the end of Feb so everything else has been lost. Shazbot.

2002-03-29 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 18:47:34
Do not know what happened to the news, but I think it works. - Mandrake

2002-01-24 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:46:02
Match: We defeated our challengers, Clan Undulate, in our final 7 man match. It was a well fought match and I would like to congratulate the team in their victory. We are now off to our first 12 man match, Sunday, March 3 8:30 PM EST. -Wolven

2002-01-22 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:22:31
Match: We have our final 7 man match this Sunday at 9pm EST, just to have a little fun while we wait for our first 12 man match, the time for that has yet to be set.

2002-01-20 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 02:44:46
I would like to officially welcome Dygital as our newest Initiate. I've known him for a while now and I am looking forward to what he will bring to the team. Glad to have you, Dyg.

2002-01-15 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 02:05:48
Match: Our TWL match has been moved to Sunday the 17th at 9pm EST. Everyone needs to report into the lineup manager and report their availability.

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 01:41:46
I would like to put a big shout out to our newest recruits: Mai Kuraki, Lord of Autumn and Vers. These guys will all be looking to get into the O section and help us out with our goal of raping all the innocents who get in our way.

mwahahahahaha -Wolven

2002-01-11 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:57:24
Yesterday's Tryout was a huge success. We had KroNos jumping most of the evening aside from one map change to a client side that dropped everyone. We got to see some new talent and have the shock of some old botches re-appearing out of nowhere.

Good times to be sure, I think we'll have to try again next week!

2002-01-06 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:18:20
Finally, some rest for the wicked. We are getting a small break on the match side of things, that means we are free to hold a large practice / open tryout this Sunday!

We will be gathering in HomeLAN KroNos[Kin] 614 Sunday, Feb 10th around 20:00 EST. Show up and frag!

2002-01-05 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 10:12:36
Another match has come and gone. It was a really close one and it came down to a lucky bounce for the other guys. We had a good turnout considering the monday worktime blues kept a number of our players out of the match. On the plus side the other team was so impressed with our sportsmanship that they asked if we could scrim. Another nice change from the old days. :)

2002-00-31 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 02:28:42
Roster: I'd like to put out a big welcome to our two Initiates; S|7uP and MullaXul. I'm looking forward to see what they can do to boost our LD squad.

Match: With the above in mind, we have rejoined the 12 man ladder. Now we won't have to make anyone sit out at match time!

2002-00-23 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 13:14:35
Match: We have issued a challenge on the TWL and date is set. All members need to sign up for the match. -Wolven

2002-00-21 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:46:21
Match: A big WooHoo! for the team. We had an amazing come from behind victory on the TWL last night. We were ahead 2-0 in the first map, then slipped and lost it. We then pulled together and pulled off a clean victory on the last two maps. All 7 guys did a great job: Abbell, Melody, Puck, WingZ, Slain, FAH-Q_2 and Czar!!

Roster: In light of the events over the past few months, it has come to our attention that some players were in serious need of a promotion. FAH-Q_2 has been with us for a long time and over the past half year he has been doing some great recruiting for us. Also, WingZ has shown his dedication through tough times and has helped out with organising matches. Both of these guys deserve their promotions to Chosen.

2002-00-19 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:52:40
Website: The domain name expired today (for all of you who have been using We have already renewed our contract for another few years so expect it to be back online in a day or two.

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:05:10
Server: ZaarKahn has been working like a mad-man on our server and here is the end result is that HomeLAN KaOTiKa[Kin] 613 has been converted over to SHIFTER. That's right, the Kindread are getting their feet wet in the new mod!

Our second server HomeLAN KroNos[Kin] 614 is still set for Base and ready for Matches and Practices. Great work ZK!!!

2002-00-17 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 17:42:36
PSA - public message boards have been disabled for html. But links will auto-link if you enter them normally. - Mandrake

2002-00-16 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 10:04:42
Match: We have been challenged on the TWL for this Sunday. All Kindread need to report in to the member's area.

2002-00-06 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:24:49
I have brought you this boyish, hairless droid for your pleasure. - Mandrake

Click Here To Recieve Your Prize

Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 01:07:47
I have returned. -Wolven

2001-10-27 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 02:11:58
Server: Our server over at HomeLAN has just gotten another memory upgrade, the server now has 786 megs of RAM! Thanks again ZaarKahn for all the great work keeping KaOTiKa the monster it is.

Match: Our TWL match vs our ol' buddies =DD= was such fun we are planning some scrims against them. Good on ya guys.

2001-10-11 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:03:34
Match: We have our first 12 man challenge on the TWL from our good friends over at =DD=. Let's get everyone signed up and try to have some fun.

Roster: I would like to officially welcome Slain into the Kindread. He has shown that he is willing to stick out during rough times. I can't wait to see what he can do. -Wolven

2001-09-26 The Kindread
Old News Posted By: Mandrake
at: 00:26:36
Match: Our match against FS was a close one. We traded the first two maps and then lost in the overtime map. It was very close but the servers made the difference as we lost players who couldn't keep a good connection to the East coast server. This was all the edge that FS needed to take the win! Great Games guys!

Roster: After the match, Billatron decided he was done with the clan and is off to find a more winning team. When it rains it pours we also lost some great guys in DooDoo and SquirrelOfDeath who have decided they need to take a step back from competitive play to figure things out. Jog has also left in look for a more competitive team as our clan has left the 16 man ladder to play in the 12 man ladder. Also to note, 9er decided he wasn't really Kindread material and dropped from his sponsorship.

These have all been blows to the clan but the core of the Kindread is still going strong. We will take it easy and await the return of Wolven from Australia in the start of January.

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