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2009-08-05 The Kindread
3.2 patch - server stayed up! Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:20:26
Well, it is not often that we get to raid on a patch day but surprisingly enough, yesterday we were able to do just that. The lag in Dalaran was unbearable but in the raid zones it was totally fine. Thus we were able to go knock out the first of the new raid bosses that was available this week and then head back to Ulduar only to find that XT002 had been changed for the worse as millions of bomb bots were spawned for our enjoyment. We'll be watching for blue posts about this fight between now and Thursday.

2009-07-08 The Kindread
Ulduar Roundup Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:19:07
A couple weeks ago we killed Yogg-Saron and it was a solid victory for our group which has been going through so much rebuilding over the past couple of months. While I was really happy to see the "last" boss of Ulduar go down I knew that there is a much harder Ulduar lying beneath the surface. Last night, in the middle of Stampede week, we rounded up the pose and ganked us a hard mode boss: XT002. This was an exciting step as XT002 is the gear check boss and now that we have him down we can start working on the more significant hard modes behind him.

Great raid! For those of you in Calgary, enjoy the Stampede!

2009-06-24 The Kindread
Ulduar - 2 months in. (give or take) Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:29:10
With Ulduar we have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride as a team. First we were all full of excitement at the prospect of long overdue new content after the snorefest of the re-released Naxx. Quickly though that excitement shifted to frustration as we had to shift our energy away from progression and make recruitment and rebuilding our priority. Since then we have had to adjust to rebuilding about a third of our team and last night I think we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, at least for this tunnel. We went into Ulduar and blew away boss after boss and set ourselves up for getting back on track with killing new things instead of just trying to maintain the level we were at.

I am really looking forward to the next weeks of raiding as we start attacking some of the challenges of Ulduar.

2009-04-27 The Kindread
Ulduar - 2 weeks in. Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:32:02
The 3.1 patch brought an end to our Heroic: Glory of the Raider meta achievement hunt. It was a good thing in my mind for that to end as we were really just piling frustration on top of frustration as we would have the most random things screw up our Immortal runs: full blown internet lossage, disconnects, lag spikes, random Sapph bombs killing 2 people in an 8 person stack behind a block and other kinds of nasty randomness.

As it is, I am glad that is now behind us. Going forward into Ulduar we have taken on the stance of trying to keep things fresh. We haven't been obsessive about playing on the PTR and knowing the fights ahead of time and so far we have been rewarded with a number of kills. As it is right now we have 4 bosses remaining to learn before we go full time into attacking the hard modes within the zone and we are already on our way toward building out first legendary healing mace. Screenshots will be added soon enough.

2009-03-19 The Kindread
Mandrake Releases iPhone Application Posted By: Mandrake
at: 11:46:59
Alright, alright, I know that I probably shouldn't use my gaming affiliations to pimp software that I have made but...

So here is the application, the BeefyBoard, a cellular, modular, interactive-odular application for your iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to record sounds directly into one of 9 slots, save those and upload them to the internet. You can also peruse the list of boards that are already up on the internet and download them for your own personal amusement or to annoy co-workers and friends alike.

You can purchase BeefyBoard on the App Store or you can go over to our site at to take a look at some screenshots and a better description of the application.

If you are looking for it on your iPhone if you search for 'beefy' you should be able to find us.

Mandrake out.

2009-02-19 The Kindread
Baby news again! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:13:55
This time it is Gamentine's turn to celebrate becoming a father. Late night on the 17th his wife gave birth to Celeste Angelica. She weighed in at 7lbs 12oz and while she is a few months behind Mandrake's daughter, we fully expect that Celeste will be able to keep up with Evelyn on the video gamer girl training program.


2009-01-09 The Kindread
Heroic: The Twilight Zone Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:47:09
We have been plugging away at Sartharion 3D for the last few weeks but with the holidays we just haven't been pushing very hard to get the kill. Last night though it seemed that our learning hit a critical mass and even with a less than ideal group we were able to stay alive long enough to pull off a kill.

For me this is the last major progression item that was on our checklist for the current content. Obviously there is still more to do, namely certain achievements to work on (Immortal), but we can worry about that next week. Good games.

2008-12-09 The Kindread
I guess something should be said about it... Posted By: Wolven
at: 12:51:01
On Sunday we finished all of the remaining heroic raid content for WotLK. It was a small challenge to get Malygos down, in that it took us a few tries to get him, but he still went down pretty fast. It now leaves us in that position of having to wait for new content to be released for us to attack.

In the mean time, there are achievements to work on and Alliance to keep us busy. We'll see you all tonight for the start of our first farm run.

2008-12-07 The Kindread
The newest addition to the Kindread family Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:47:09
Last night we had some very exciting news to the founders of Kindread: Mandrake has joined the ranks of fatherhood. Evelyn Dawn weighed in a very happy 7 pounds, 14 ounces and I am sure it is just a matter of time before she has her own handle and is out and about fragging noobs and coining some of Mandrake's favorite catch phrases such as "Who cares about the team, look at my kills!".

The new parents are back home recovering and I am sure once they have a moment some pictures will follow.

2008-12-03 The Kindread
And here are the results!!! Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:53:33
Our first night of raiding WotLK 25 man content was both exciting and disappointing. The disappointment was a minor feeling as I just felt that most of "heroic" 25 man Naxx is simply too easy. However, that feeling was quickly dispelled by the fun of kicking ass, taking names and collecting a large pile of loot!

In our first night back to raiding we knocked out 10 out of the 15 Naxx bosses, clearing the Arcahnid, Military and Plague wings as well as getting Patchwerk down before running out of time for the night. This means that everyone is going to have to get busy making their 3 level 80 frost resist items so that we will be able to finish the zone.

Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun.

2008-12-02 The Kindread
Raiding Resumes Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:05:48
While I know this isn't some ground breaking boss kill post, I do want to announce the resumption of raiding tonight. I know a lot of us have been really looking forward to getting started again after our leveling break and it appears tonight will be the night for us to get rolling.

Next stop Naxxramas, all aboard!

2008-11-19 The Kindread
WotLK -> gogogogo Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:10:30
Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Wrath expansion release went off without a hitch and as best as I can tell has completely absorbed everyone who has participated in the event. As far as I can tell, the only down side to the expansion so far is how popular it has been, which is apparent in the long server queues that we have been seeing during 'prime time' since last Thursday.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves in their individual endeavours to get through the new content.

2008-10-28 The Kindread
Zugg zugg, Sunwell Completed. Posted By: Wolven
at: 07:50:53
Last Tuesday we were hoping that the server would be stable enough to allow us to simply zone into Sunwell and get our first Felmyst kill. Following that we were able to put away the Twins and then in our second raid of the week we jumped all over M'uru. Last night, after totally revamping our Kil'jaeden strat, we began the process of relearning the fight and then bringing Kil'jaeden down.

One change that was really fun in our Kil'jaeden kill was the triggering of the achievement system as a confirmation of our success. After the kill we then got to chill out and watch the TBC end game speech before handing out loot and then grouping up for our last First Boss Kill Group Shot of the Burning Crusade.

I am really proud of what this group has accomplished. After our split and reformation of our raid group we stated that our objective was to kill all of the raid content in TBC. We have done exactly that and I would like to thank you all for keeping it fun in the process.

2008-10-24 The Kindread
And then there was one. Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:09:13
In our second progression raid since the 3.0 patch hit we had but one goal that we were focused on. Kill Muru. It is certainly one of those events where the hardcore raiders who got Muru down before the nerf would look down their noses and say "ya, of course you killed him, he is so easy now". To that I would say, "We would have killed him either way". I have no doubt that given the chance we could have killed each and every one of these bosses in their pre-nerf state. It may have taken a long, painful amount of time to get it done, but done we would have gotten it, just like every boss prior. As it is though, killing him in an hour works for me.

After we had a little party on Entropius' body we did what any respectable group of gamers would do: Go run head first into the final boss of the Burning Crusade.

We will be back to deal with you later.

2008-10-21 The Kindread
Bend over Sunwell, here we come. Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:55:57
Going into the raid tonight our biggest concern was "will the server even let us raid?". With how the server has been this last week since the 3.0 patch, it was not looking very hopeful. Luckily, the server was actually not that bad tonight and thus we got to zone into Sunwell.

First we went in and blew away Kalecgos and Brutallus. After that we got set up and earned our first Felmyst kill. It was a very clean two-shot (since a certain fat cow blew the breath call on the first attempt).

Following Felmyst, we got to run the trash gauntlet up to the Twins and started working on them. Just as we finally started getting a hang of the pull we get a server warning saying [SERVER] Shutdown in 15 Minutes and so we figure this is going to be our last attempt of the night. As Souly initiated the fight while yelling PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, I had a good feeling about how it was going to go and rightly so as we then killed the first sister and then the second. We then had to rush through handing out loot and managed to log off with some time to spare.

Great kills everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing M'uru next raid.

2008-10-14 The Kindread
3.0 Patch Released Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:33:41
As everyone already guessed, the 3.0 patch hit today. Some of you already started your downloads for the patch and it is a good thing too since it is over a gig to download. If you are not one of those people, try to do whatever you can to start your download ASAP.

Also, look for major updates for your main mods. For the raid group oRA2 and BigWigs are the most important ones to get updated as well OMEN2 has been replaced by OMEN3.

The plan is to have our raid tonight, even if it starts late. With the changes made to raid zones we will certainly be able to kill some bad guys even with only half a raid night.

2008-09-16 The Kindread
Warhammer server = Vortex Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:13:46
The first batch of Kindread with their pre-orders for the game were all lined up to enter the Skull Throne realm with their head start on the game. Then we realized that with no real difference between one server and another, everyone and their mom was rolling on Skull Throne for the same reason we were: it has a cool name.

With that in mind, we have selected a less populated pre-order server called Vortex which should give us enough room to set up shop and have the server fill up once the game is available to the general population.

For anyone looking to play with us in the new game, that is the server to do it and as always, we'll be on the "evil" side.

2008-09-07 The Kindread
pewpewpew Brutallus bites the dust! Posted By: Wolven
at: 21:57:53
Tonight we took another step toward clearing Sunwell with our first Brutallus kill. It was a surprise when we first started working on Brutallus that we were so close to getting him without the months of BT farming that other guilds have had under their belt in order to make the same kill. After our first few attempts we were looking ready to get the kill and then we followed up with a couple of 1% enrage wipes and the kill came soon after.

This gear check is a big block to many groups and I am really impressed that we already have him down. Lets now start getting sorted out for Felmyst and finish her off quickly.

2008-08-21 The Kindread
Double Legendary Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:30:29
It was a newsworthy event when we got our first Warglaive so naturally we would have to mention when it happens again. This week we had a goal, we bore down on this goal to speed up our farming and get the upgrades we need to successfully attack our next target, Brutallus. Well, there really isn't an upgrade that we expected least but could have hoped for more.

There are really only 2 things to say to this, the first is "Grats Zylla on completing the set" and the second is "2 more times please, knock on wood".

2008-08-11 The Kindread
Sunwell penetrated - Kalecgos freed! Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:16:25
This afternoon I was doubtful that we would even be able to put together a raid group tonight. At best we were preparing a backup plan of going to Hyjal and killing that to farm some Conqeuror tokens that never drop. As it was, at the last minute we were able to fill out the raid and made our way to Sunwell. After some plentiful trash that dropped a couple of nice toys (better than greens and cloth we usually get) we got to work on a new strat for Kalecgos.

I have to say, I wasn't sure how adjusting to a new strat was going to work for us. Knowing how much some people like to slack and not pay attention to the strats I was worried changing how we approached this fight would it set us back and force some relearning time. The answer to my concern came a lot sooner than I expected as half way through the night I was absolutely stunned to find myself taking a new screenshot for our first Sunwell Boss Kill.

This accomplishment is something I have been waiting over a year for and I couldn't be more happy with our group than I am right now. A lot of people said that we would never be able to catch up to the other raid groups on the server. Now, not only have we caught many of them, we have surpassed them.

2008-07-08 The Kindread
Full Clear BT! Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:15:46
We stated a couple weeks ago that our next progression goal was going to be clearing the entire Black Temple in a single night. After the last couple of weeks where we had a bump along the way that slowed us down from getting to a full clear we had everything come together tonight. It wasn't even a perfect raid, we started with only a couple of melee and then had to swap bodies around as we went. We took our break at 9, just like any other night, and kept things fun as we one shot boss after boss.

We were only a couple moments from one shotting Illidan as well when we had a demon kill Soully as he was tanking the "demon phase". Oops! Luckily we were able to fix that mistake immediately to finish off the night.

What a great thing to have us pull off on a shorten raid week with our Vegas trip planned for the weekend! The fact that Kuno was finally right about some loot dropping was just the icing on the cake. ;)

2008-06-29 The Kindread
Kindread goes Legendary Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:25:54
I know many will joke that this is not a surprise after our molten core days where we were putting together Thunderfury sets left and right, but we have just gotten our first Burning Crusade Legendary. It was very lucky of us to get it on our second kill and hopefully our luck won't run out on the road to putting together 2 sets for our 2 amazing rogues.

Great work everyone, lets keep on trucking through this summer heat.

2008-06-19 The Kindread
Illidan was wrong, we were prepared. Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:34:42
I am thrilled to report that all of our preparation, all of our hard work and all of our "push it to the limit" has brought us to this milestone: Illidan dead . It didn't take us as long to get done as I feared it might and to that I have to attribute it to the people who stepped up to take charge within our raids, from fight to fight, raid to raid you guys and gals are the reason we are passing other guilds in content and chugging along to the ultimate goal of finishing the raid content before the next expansion.

It has been a real treat to be a part of this group, thank you all.

2008-06-16 The Kindread
Father's Day Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:12:01
Since I made a post about Mother's day, I had better say something about Father's day. I hope everyone had a great Father's day-off to do the family related things that come up with such an event. I am sure there were many BBQs, Golf days and whatever else you all came up with to celebrate Dad.

Hopefully the extra break between raids will help recharge everyone for a solid raid week both in finishing off last week's raiding tonight and in kicking off the next week after the Tuesday reset.

2008-06-09 The Kindread
Illidari Council out, Illidan up to bat. Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:20:16
The Illidari Council fight is really not very complex, I have heard it to be described as a tougher version of High King Maulgar and others compare it to the Twin Emps. Both are fair comparisons but I would say that the Council is more of an endurance fight. It doesn't have any form of phase changes like the Emps did and it doesn't have the ability to burn down and kill any of the bosses like you can do with Maulgar. The Council fight is really just a test of your ability to repeat the same exact thing for a really long time which can be quite the task in and of itself. At least they provide some comfortable couches for lounging in when the fight is done.

Now, with the council quickly dispatched, we prepare for Illidan.

2008-06-02 The Kindread
Just because Mother is easy, doesn't mean she is a MILF. Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:17:22
It is easy enough to say that before entering a room full of concubines one should make sure to be prepared and come equipped with the right kind of protection. When a part of that prep work is installing a mod called Easy Mother in order to make sure she goes down fast, you know you are in for a good time. In a way I suppose it is disappointing that it was over so fast but that was quickly forgotten as we collected our rewards leaving Shahraz bruised and broken on the ground. Fear not, she will be ready again for us next week.

2008-05-30 The Kindread
Never too late to remember. Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:15:46
The older member's of Kindread like to take a moment around this time of year to remember a friend of ours who is no longer with us. It is the anniversary of the passing of one of our best and brightest, Joe, aka. UltraPimp.

There are a lot of new people in Kindread and we, the old dogs, would like to share with you the idea that while it is easy to say "this is just a game", it is also important for you to realize that there are very real people playing this game along side you. The connections you make, the friendships and camaraderie are as real and valid as any that you will make throughout your life. Treat them well and you will find your experiences to be richer and much more enjoyable.

2008-05-26 The Kindread
The Real News for Tonight. Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:39:01
Ignoring that crap about mounts, the real news for the night is that we had a full night to dedicate to killing RoS. Obviously, this was a success and since we finished with an hour to spare until raid end and we didn't have the resist gear made yet for Mother, we ended up going into Sunwell and playing around in there. Nothing more exciting than some netherweave dropped but we did have fun exploring the new zone.

Get your resists ready, the shadow-block is next.

Bear Mounts Had Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:36:11
I know this is almost a week late in posting but I have been busy and forgot to post up the picture to go with the story. After a month or two of not really bothering to go into ZA or even think about challenging the timers a group of us decided it was time to give it the ol' college try.

Of course this meant grabbing some alcohol, goofing around a bit and then getting the job done. Chemp was lucky enough to win the roll on the first one (well, not really, Soully won it but he has one of those rare bird mounts so he passed). It was a lot of fun getting that done. Thanks!

2008-05-12 The Kindread
Archimonde Deaded. Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:34:58
Tonight ended up being a good raid night after all. We often have a hard time with Monday raids and tonight was no exception. After kicking off the raid to a server crash that resulted in the Instance server being down for nearly an hour we then went into Hyjal short handed to work on Archimonde. There was some new people in the raid so we had to get them adjusted to the fight and as the night went on frustrations grew and as often seems the way, we got to the point where we had a full raid finally, but we were at the point where everyone was tired and so we called last attmept and of course that quickly transformed into first kill.

It is always thrilling to get a first kill but it always seems sweeter when you overcome a whole lot of bullshit in order to get that kill. Tonight we did that and I had a blast working with you all to get that fight down. It was also great getting to bust out that reindeer mount that I had been saving in my bags just for that screenshot.

2008-05-11 The Kindread
Happy Mother's Day Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:08:43
We at Kindread would just like to take a moment to thank all of our Mothers, Wives, girlfriends and anyone else we can think of to thank on Mother's day for our happiness in what this community is for: playing video games. Some of you play with us. Some of you happily pat us on the head and leave us to gleefully charge into virttual worlds to create or destroy as we see fit. The rest of you probably hate that we play video games but tolerate it since "its what we like to do". Whatever the situation is, I hope you know it is greatly appriciated since we are all having a lot of fun.

2008-05-07 The Kindread
Chemp's fight Posted By: Wolven
at: 10:04:14
After a couple weeks of reduced raiding due to hockey playoffs and some asshole going on vacation we zoned into BT to start off our first full raid week of the spring. After working out a few kinks and knocking off some rust we managed to get through all our farm bosses before the end of the raid. Since we had some time to kill we cleared to Gurtogg to give him a few minutes of our time.

Once we got to Gurtogg we checked the time, 20 minutes until raid end, and at this point Chemp stepped up and took charge. He showed that even though he cannot dominate the DPS charts as completely as he used to in raids gone past, he was still able to take charge and lead the way through the Bloodboils and Fel Rages and deliver Gurtogg unto death. Even more impressive, Chemp did all this with his left hand down the front of his pants, Al Bundy style.

2008-04-30 The Kindread
IP Changes Posted By: Mandrake
at: 10:28:59
Over the next couple of days the IP address of the web server will be changing over to our new connection. I have also just been informed by my ISP that they will be changing my IP again mid-May so there will be another announcement like this one coming up again. If the site is unresponsive for some time that is the reason why.

KinTour 2008 Posted By: Wolven
at: 08:52:41
That's right, in continuation of the orginal KinTour of 7 years ago we are getting ready for the summer and that means planning out our yearly get together. The location has been set, Las Vegas, but we are still trying to solidify a date. The June weekend has been tossed out and we are now looking at mid-July.

Please hit the forums and the calendar to let us know if this is something you can make and who will be coming with you for the weekend. Once enough people confirm we will be looking for whatever package deals we can get.

2008-04-14 The Kindread
The demise of Teron Gorefiend Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:48:27
The dreaded Teron Gorefiend makes for a very interesting fight. The battle seems to be as much with player's UIs as it is with the curious ghost game mechanic as pet bars disappear and other such fun events.

Still, once those minor kinks were worked out of the system we were able to put Teron behind us and put a little bit of time into that whacky fun fight with Bloodboil. The last attack of the night was very promising and I look forward to when we next get to fight him.

Enjoy the night off tomorrow and Go Flames Go!

2008-04-07 The Kindread
Teh Website is slow?!? Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:26:10
I would like to thank the few people who have noticed that the website is in fact a little sluggish lately. Since the server moved we have been having some connection problems due to the quality of the lines at the new facility. We are planning to switch ISPs sometime in the next couple of weeks in order to resolve the issue.

2008-03-31 The Kindread
Double Down! Posted By: Wolven
at: 07:30:49
Chalk up another solid night for the team. On a whim we went into Black Temple to check out our buddy Akama. He has been telling us what to do for a little while and we figured it was time he started handing out some rewards for our efforts.

After we were done with Akama's Shade we packed up and got ported over to Hyjal. We had some unfinished business with the trash before Kaz'ogal. On patch-day Tuesday we ended up wiping to that trash as the server went down and stayed down for half an hour or so. Last night however we cleaned thoroughly thrashed the trash and one-shot Kaz'rogal along with.

There was still time leftover before our scheduled raid end time so we decided to see exactly how hard Azgalor really was.

2008-03-28 The Kindread
Our first venture into BT Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:21:57
Today was a toss up as to what we were going to be doing right up until it was time to zone in. At the last minute after looking at our group it was obvious that the way to go would be to go for our first look in the famed Black Temple.

After a bit of a struggle with the trash (oops) we ran into this spine throwing guy. After watching him impale a few people and then blow up the raid we felt it would be just returns to kill him and take his stuff. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get people to do something as simple as stand still for a picture and of course they all think they are really funny.

After that we ended up having a conversation about women with fetishes for fat guys and I gotta say that Supremus is a really fat guy right now. In fact, we had to run all the way up the stairs to get far enough away to take this picture with his body

2008-03-25 The Kindread
2.4 patch today Posted By: Wolven
at: 07:22:48
The patch is out and even though the server is not up yet you can already download your client patch and have it installed and ready. For some of us updating mods will be a simple thing: back up your AddOns folder and then run the AceUpdater. For others updating mods is an adventure of searching through overloaded websites to find the new copy of a mod, if it is out.

If the server plays nice with us tonight we will be starting our focus on Tier6 after the last couple of weeks of farming Tier5 and attuning people.

2008-03-23 The Kindread
Happy Easter! Posted By: Wolven
at: 11:21:11
I have always been a sucker for holidays that involve large meals of good food with good people.

Enjoy the day off, we will get back to raiding tomorrow.

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