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2013-12-25 The Kindread Rust Server Posted By: XeRo
at: 03:39:40
Hey all.. XeRo here.

I am still alive and kicking and have setup an official Rust server if anyone is playing. I am looking for more players to push server capacity so stop by if you are interested in learning more about Rust or to join the mayhem with Fatty, Necro, Viofix, Fah, Jundicator and myself.

Server Information:

IP Address:
( F1 -> net.connect

Server Name: | US | RUST++ | Door Share | Noob Friendly

Mods: Rust++
Features: Door Sharing | 1/2 Craft times

Server Website and forums available at:

Teamspeak information on the site or just use

For more information about Rust, visit:

Look forward to seeing you all in Rust!

2012-11-05 The Kindread
Mumble Server Back Online Posted By: Mandrake
at: 16:50:11
There was an outage on the Mumble server as we sorted out all the go forward billing on the server. It is back up and running, share and enjoy.

2012-10-22 The Kindread
Mumble is Online, Ventrilo is offline Posted By: Mandrake
at: 19:44:27
We have a Mumble server up and running at the moment, I think it is only a 10 slot server at the moment but we can bump it up should the need arise.

The Ventrilo server is now offline.

For connection and server information see the members landing page directly after you have logged in.

2012-08-07 The Kindread
Mumble Server Online Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:26:57
We have been looking at options for voice communications hosting and it seems that there is some interest in using mumble. I like the idea because mumble is open source and the hosting seems to be a little cheaper.

To get all the hosting details log into the site and check the banner at the top on the members page to see the details. Let us know what you think, if the feedback is good we will use this as our go-forward tool.

2012-08-06 The Kindread
Kindread in the Cloud Posted By: Mandrake
at: 22:38:40
I have moved the hosting for the site as part of a bigger initiative to get servers out of my house and out into the cloud. We manage the site still and have full control over it, I just don't have it sitting in my house anymore.

Let me know if you notice any differences or places where things might be broken.

2011-12-12 The Kindread
SWTOR Deployment: Daragon Trail Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:57:19
As many of you already know, the guild assembled on the SWTOR website in preparation for the launch of the game. The email just went out announcing which server they have deployed us on and Daragon Trail will be our starting point for playing the game. We will be playing as Sith (of course) and welcome any and all to come join us with the new game.

2011-11-21 The Kindread
A light day for Kindread WoW. Posted By: Wolven
at: 16:11:05
For 7 years now Kindread has been firmly attached to the Horde side of Warcraft. Today that has changed slightly as the raid team has transfered over to the Alliance side of Kel'Thuzad in order to find greener pastures (and a stronger population) in which we can rebuild in.

We will be maintaining guilds on both sides of the server as a number of our casual players will not want to transfer and many of us will only want to move one or two of our characters in order to raid/pvp. Please come by and say hello to us on either side of the server.

2011-07-02 The Kindread
Summer Success Posted By: Wolven
at: 13:03:12
In the month prior to the release of the Firelands we were able to rebuild our 25m raid team and get back on track with our raiding just in time for the new raid zone to come out. With the excitement of new content it is a great time to have our team come back together.

Recruitment is still open, especially in the heal group but other applicants will definitely be considered.

2011-04-20 The Kindread
Spring Struggles Posted By: Wolven
at: 17:40:01
In spite of our progress in 25m raiding it seems that our roster bleed is going at a faster pace than our recruitment. This has caused us to have a number of short handed raids recently which has been detrimental to our continued raid success. In light of this situation we are going to have to focus on 10m raiding in order to keep the WoW portion of the Kindread community going forward.

We are still actively interested in recruiting either individuals or groups (read as: smaller guilds that are also struggling with their roster) in order to get our raid team back up to the 25m bracket that many of us prefer to be active in.

My apologies to those of you who are inconvenienced by this decision and more importantly to those of you who have tried to help in recruitment to prevent this from taking place.

2011-01-30 The Kindread
Winter Progress report Posted By: Wolven
at: 18:04:23
As January is coming to a close we have been having some fun and downing the new raid content. The main thing slowing us down are player shortages, particularly in the healer positions.

If anyone knows a healer that can make our raid times, by all means get the word out and hook us up.

2010-10-01 The Kindread
Fall wrap up Posted By: Wolven
at: 00:12:30
With the end of Summer we are seeing an end to the summer lull. With our full raid we have magically managed to finish our 25 man ICC meta drakes. This is a fantastic accomplishment for us with the announcement of the next expansion being released in December.

Our next challenge will be to clean up the metas for the raiders who missed achievements along the way, which gives us something to do over the next few months as we figure out the changes that the 4.0 patch will bring.

2010-07-17 The Kindread
Summer Lull Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:07:57
With summer going full speed and everyone being drawn out of doors more and more we have suspended our Sunday GDKP run. Also, our recruitment needs have been updated as more spots have opened up to cover for the roster vacancies we have been having.

2010-05-10 The Kindread
GDKP runs -> Public forums are back, kinda! Posted By: Wolven
at: 22:21:16
With the continuation of our GDKP runs for ICC25 we decided it was time to make the public forums viewable to the public once again. To recap: we made the public forums disappear because we had spammers in every thread on the message board and it was really becoming a bigger hassle than it was worth. For now we are leaving the public forums as "read only" but at least it will allow all of our visitors to come and see what is going on with recruitment or the GDKP run.

Thanks Mandrake for the fix.

2010-04-28 The Kindread
Arthas 25 dead Posted By: Wolven
at: 01:25:05
The Lich King is Dead. After what felt like a month of roster issues preventing us from even working on Arthas and 2 solid Thursday nights of attempts we were able to finally to get our heads around this fight. Then, to make things that much easier the Hellscream buff goes from 10% to 15% and we one shot Arthas, wrapping up a 3.5 hour ICC25 clear.

With tonight's success our priorities will shift slightly as we begin working on the ICC25 HMs and free up some time for other 25man objectives.

2010-02-26 The Kindread
Journey through Icecrown Citadel Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:36:46
Over the last few months our 25m raid team has been chugging along while dealing with roster issues. It has been a factor in slowing down our progress in raiding but even with short-handed raids or cancelled raid nights we are still maintaining a good pace.

For those of you who do not know about the latest WoW raid zone, there are 12 bosses with the last one being Arthas, The Lich King. The first wing of the zone, comprised of 4 bosses, was pretty simple. The Plague wing was more of a DPS and coordination check but it wasn't long before we took down the abominations Festergut and Rotface and then were standing over Professor Putricide.

That took us to the Blood Wing and The Blood Prince Council. These three Blood Elves, who are all bosses in 5man instances, show yet again that evil Blood Elves just do not like to stay dead. Quickly following them was Blood-Queen Lana'Thel, who was a road block for us for a few weeks. We were often finding that small mistakes during the fight was costing us large chunks of DPS time that would then result in us hitting the berzerk timer and getting blown up by the Queen. This Tuesday though we got a little bit more organized and brought her to her knees.

Wing #3 is the Frostwing Halls. The first of the pair of dragons in this wing is a good dragon that we need to save through healing her and we did so quickly. The second dragon, Sindragosa, is considered a lot more challenging. She is another undead dragon and like a bigger, meaner version of Sapphiron she has all the ice blocks, teleports and explosions one could ask for. Last night was our first night to work on Sindragosa and we were pleasantly surprised with our results. With that our 25m team ended the raid week 11/12 on the normal version of the zone.

10 man group downs Arthas! Posted By: Wolven
at: 14:35:51
While our 25m team has found its stride we have also had succes in our 10 man teams as a couple of them are now working on the Lich King. Over the last couple of weeks our late night group has been duking it out with Arthas into the wee hours of the morning.

Last night riding the wave of success from our 25m raid we were able to walk into the 10m raid and with a few tweaks to how we handled the fight we became Kingslayers.

2009-11-25 The Kindread
Been a while since the last update... Posted By: Wolven
at: 15:17:10
In a way, a lot has happened and yet it has all been pretty tame compared to the past excitement of accomplishing things as a team. Our raid team has been actively working on TOGC25. The Twins were a bit of an obstacle but we got past them shortly after we changed strats. Currently we are working on Anub Phase 3 which means we are really close to a kill. In other news we have a few groups, including one alt group, that are clearing Insanity 10 man runs.

Another noteworthy tidbit; The raid team is currently looking to add another Shaman. Ideally a hybrid player who is capable in switching back and forth between Resto and DPS depending on the ever changing needs of the group. If you feel that you meet these requirements please fill out our Recruit application and contact myself ingame after you have done so.

2009-09-10 The Kindread
Legendary + Heroic update! Posted By: Wolven
at: 23:42:47
It has been an eventful week for the raid group. On Tuesday we kicked off the raid with some legendary weapon manufactoring as our team finally got enough fragments onto one person to complete and forged a Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

With that Legendary business out of the way we then made a point to put our attention onto the Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25 man. Even with trying to fight through the night short handed we still managed to walk away with a kill. Fun times everyone, thanks.

2009-08-21 The Kindread
Blizzcon break? Eff that! Posted By: Wolven
at: 09:54:04
Hi to you guys at Blizzcon! I hope you guys are having fun and that you will be able to wash off the geek stank back at your hotel rooms. Be sure to scrub, that stuff is hard to get off.

We kept the raid going in your absence and managed to take down another hard mode, Thorim. See you all when you get back, bring pictures to post up!

ha ha

2009-08-13 The Kindread
Mandrake Releases Second iPhone Application: Electrophobe Posted By: Mandrake
at: 14:33:02
Electrophobe is an iPhone game that capitalizes on the touch capability of the iPhone and uses procedurally generated lightning and other graphics. The game play is simple but the enemy types challenging, integrated high scores and groupings allow you to rank yourself against your fellow Electrophobians.

Electrophobe Beefyapps Website

or you can buy it directly on iTunes:
App Store Badge

Sorry for the shameless advertising, but when you have an audience like this you have to run with it.

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