The Kindread History

The Kindread start out as a small group of school friends in Calgary, Alberta. A bunch of us played RPGs and video games together for years, it wasn't until Hashisheen, Mandrake and Wolven were turned onto Tribes that they thought to turn their basement gaming group into an online entity. Mandrake came up with our first website in early 1999 and the three of us all added the [Kin] tag to our names.

With the creation of our website and our tags, we started finding ways to acknowledge our greatness. First we found a stat tracker in The CLQ. At this point we had decided to stick to the Shifter mod for Tribes and there were no leagues or competitions established yet. Thus we used The CLQ to rank our clan of three. We were fairly impressive, often ranking high even though there was so few of us. This was attributed to our large hours of game playing and ass kicking. Because of these qualities, we began to attract new members to The Kindread.

Our early recruitment was impressive. We found talented players and either Hashisheen or Mandrake would display high scores to show we had talent also. That left Wolven to be the communications guy since he was behind on the talent curve. Eventually our team became stacked full of ass kicking gamers and we finally found a place to display our skills, thus began the era of the TSL.

The TSL (Tribes Shifter League) was founded by bunny. He asked for our help in getting the TSL started and invited us to compete there. We accepted, signed up and played. Of course, this is where the problems began. The TSL was very new and had limited rules and that left bunny to play god with the league. In our first matchup against team {TF}, both teams decided that the map we were playing was unplayable for matches. We then went to bunny to get the match redone and he refused. Heated arguments took place and we found ourselves kicked out.

It wasn't long before bunny realised that The Kindread were a large part of the Shifter Community and we were soon enough brought back into the TSL. We started our winning streak and without any teamwork or coordination, we managed to destroy ever team we came up against. At this point we decided that we had better find a way to recrord our Match History and eventually we created a page on our website to do just that.

It took a while for another team to really challenge us, but we found a team to do just that. The Devil's Dogs, =DD=, were our first real challenge and to make it better they were also our closest allies next to UFR. SOW eventually joined our little group of Allies, but that is a different story. Our first defeat came at the hands of =DD=. We like to think that the reason was because some of our top players missed the match, but the truth was that =DD= out played us that day.

We had many more matches and a lot of drama followed us because we were #1. Eventually the drama destroyed the TSL and that pushed us to join the OGL and the new SBA. As we continued winning and finding new ways to use the tools provided us in Shifter, other teams began to study us and copy our ways. This resulted in a lot of closer matchups but we still were the best at the things we did.

When Tribes 2 came out, we happily retired from Tribes 1 Shifter with a healthy record and a number of Championship titles as well as the knowledge that we were the best that game had to offer. When we joined the OGL 16 man ladder, we quickly found out that the best of Shifter was not that good. Our individual talent was amazing but our team was full of individuals, we had zero teamwork. Tribes 2 became a very difficult time for us because of this and because of the disappointment in the game.

Eventually we found a way to win in T2 and when the exodus from the OGL occurred, we moved along and joined the TWL. Our roster expanded to compensate for the players that didn't like T2 and after a couple near colapses our group found a loyalty to each other that still makes me proud.

With the release of BF1942, The Kindread was re-awakened to the joy of online competition. It no longer flet like a chore to show up and play a game and many of the players who went inactive in T2 took the lead in BF1942. Our individuals still had their talent and now our team understood teamwork and this brought our gaming to a new level. We are a far ways away from being the #1 team we were in Shifter but we know that with the effort and commitment of our team, we can try to take that spot.